In certain cases, photography is capable of fantasy and fiction.

Often it shows what have never happened, but could have happened.

Very often something that no one saw or noticed, and certainly, something that the characters themselves did not even suspect.

Hello, my name is Olga Angelucci!


I`m really happy to know that you are spending time looking through my photos.

Photography was my passion from the early age. As my father was a photographer, I grew up among negatives, photo lamps, photographic developpers. My favorite pastime was to stay in a darkroom with my father watching the print processing. I started to shoot at the age of 15, and only 10 years ago my hobby turned into a job, after the graduation in the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome.

For me, as destination wedding and family photographer, taking pictures means holding my breath when all my abilities act together in front of an elusive reality. Then the capture of the image becomes a great physical and intellectual joy. The camera is an extension of my eyes and my mind, not a chromed medallion around my neck. This is a tool. It's nice to feel in your hands an apparatus that is consistent with what you want to photograph.


Based on my professional experience, I can confidently say that all people are unique and beautiful. The most important thing for us is to understand and present your beauty in the best way.


Best regards, Olga

Destination wedding photographer in Italy Olga Angelucci