As we are all used to digital cameras, we look at photos exclusively on the monitor screen.
How long ago have you looked through paper photographs? It's so great, you can pour a cup of tea, seat in your favorite armchair and, taking a bunch of albums, go back in time. Here, in this photo you are just one year old, in this one five years old, and here you are already going to a primary. Oh, what in this one? Yes, there were times ... And now, you are already smiling. Funny, funny, but so touching, all these photos wake up our memories, return us to childhood. And how nice it is to look at the photos of moms and dads twenty years ago. Have you ever noticed that there are no bad old photos?

Previously, with what impatience we brought the film to print, they were waiting for photos from the summer holidays. Friends came to visit to see the long-awaited photographs and, with wild cries of “oh, give me my photo”, half of the photographs were pulled apart. Now what? We post the long-awaited photos on Facebook, mark people on them who need it most, send them by mail. It will be sad, open the album with old photos, you will definitely smile.

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