Errors in posing and choosing a perspective. Part 1

1. Folds on the neck. It doesn’t matter if the girl is slim or curvy. It doesn't matter how old she is. If she looks at photographer over her shoulder, most likely, an amazing set of folds will appear on her neck. Wrinkles or folds on the neck do not bother some photographers, but they bother me. There are a couple of secrets to avoid this. You can: 1) deploy the upper part of the body and the shoulder (which is closer to the camera) more forward, so this part of the body will be more relaxed and open, which will reduce the number of folds; 2) select a position for shooting so that you do not have to turn back hard to see the photographer; 3) cover the folds on the neck with hair.

2. Square shoulders. The shoulders are the widest part of the body, and our task is to reduce the wide parts of the body by choosing appropriate postures. Turn one shoulder slightly towards the camera, the photographer in the lens will choose the location of your body that in the picture will give the best result.

3. Straight joints. The old wisdom of photographers is: "If it bends, bend it." Straight arms, legs, head and torso basically look very tense in photographing women and young girls. Whether you are sitting or lying, try to take your elbows slightly, bow your head, bend slightly at the waist, relax your fingers or bend your knees.

4. Awkward and tense postures. Women (mainly mothers) often feel insecure in photos to the waist or in full growth. Start with some standard graceful pose, then change the details a little bit in the position and the camera to get many different shots. Most women instinctively try to lean back, away from the camera. But you should always bend forward, not backward.

5. Hands glued to the body. Never allow your hands to be close to your body. It's not beautiful. Especially if you are wearing something with a short sleeve or no sleeves at all. Most women are sure that their shoulders are all right, so our task is to do everything in our power so that our hands do not look shapeless and fat. You can bend your elbows a little and keep them away from the body. You can hold them on your belt, hold some object (a bouquet, an item of your clothes, someone else’s hand, etc.), put your hands in the side or back pockets of your trousers, lean on the wall or straighten your hair.

6. Shooting from below. If you do not take into account art or creative photographs, it is best to shoot a woman in front, or even better - from above. Shooting from above, especially in the approximation, avoids the appearance of a double chin, improves the shape of the face and, if you shoot on the street, adds a beautiful glow to the eyes.

7. Lack of neck. Some models like to press their chin to demonstrate their modesty. If the head is tilted forward strongly, this will not only distort the face, but also hide the neck, violating the natural proportions. Any other angles in which the neck in the photograph is missing are also unacceptable.

8. Work with hair

We often do not think of hair as a part of the body that can be controlled, but it is possible! If you have long hair, then badly lying hair will be the first thing that catches the eye in the photo. There is no general rule for the hair in the frame to look “super”. Different people have different hair arrangement options.

Suppose you are doing simple portrait photography without a makeup artist or hairdresser. The first thing to remember is that the hair on your shoulders looks terrible. They give the model a wild look and something needs to be done.

9. Move your chin (or ears) forward

When a person stands normally and relaxed, or even stands beautifully and poses, a small fold is noticeable under the chin. This manifests itself almost independently of thinness. Therefore, raise your chin slightly up and forward.

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