Secrets of Posing 1

PICTURES IN FULL GROWTH. Poses when creating such pictures should fully emphasize all the advantages of the model's figure: - Classic model pose: turn your hips away from the camera, shoulders and chest - towards the camera. This simple technique will make your hips slimmer - Distribute the weight on the hips (or on one hip) and place your hands in an asymmetric position. Professional models know that for them to look good in the photo, there should be a share of asymmetry in their poses (for example, if one arm is straight, the other must be bent). This technique will create a feeling of relaxation and naturalness. - When the arms are located along the body, the model looks larger compared to the model whose elbows are apart. - The effect of high heels: the chest becomes taller and the stomach is slimmer if you extend your elbows back, opening the chest, and with shoulders retracted, raise your head slightly.


- One of the very first and main rules in this position is direct posture (if you need to make a slight tilt forward, select a hip as a fulcrum, without disturbing the posture). - To avoid overweight in the hips (and even thin models are preoccupied about it in the sitting position), sit sideways and transfer the weight to the thigh that is closest to the camera. - The legs should be at an angle to the camera and at a slight distance from each other - this will make them more taut. - The legs of the model do not look slender if the feet are pressed to the floor. Visually lengthen the legs with raised feet (when resting on the big toes).

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