How to take good photos in bad weather?

There is not a single girl who would not worry about the vagaries of the weather on the day of the photo shoot, whether it be rain, snowfall, cold snap or just a cloudy sky. But a love story photo shoot in bad weather can also be wonderful! The main thing is to know a few secrets that you will find in this article.

STAY POSITIVE This is the most important thing in any weather. Its whims should not spoil your mood on this long-awaited day! It doesn’t matter what the weather is outside if you shine with happiness and love! And remember that the main decoration of your photos is the sincere smiles of two beloved ones, and not the reflections of sunset in the sky.

TRUST YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER An experienced professional has more than one shooting done in bad weather, and he certainly knows what magical photos can be taken in the rain. And many photographers are very fond of cloudy weather: it is much more difficult to take a successful shot on a hot sunny afternoon. Look at his portfolio - perhaps these are the photos that will captivate you more than others. In advance, discuss plan B with the photographer in case of bad weather, together choose a suitable location and trust his professionalism.

SEARCH THE BENEFITS A dark, low sky will make photos more atmospheric, and rain can even become the highlight of your photo shoot, adding coziness and soulfulness. And basking in each other's arms and hiding from the rain under one umbrella is so touching and romantic! Planning a winter photo shoot? Just imagine how magical it will be in a country house in snowfall!

BE FLEXIBLE The weather can be extremely changeable, and if the morning met you with a heavy low sky and snowfall, it is quite possible that during the day the clear winter sun will shine in the sky and the snow that has passed since morning will only be at your fingertips. Also, the rain can end in the evening so you can enjoy an unforgettable sunset.

THINK A SPARE OPTION It also happens that there is no way to come to a compromise with the weather: it rains all day, and there is simply no way to take a photo walk in your favorite park. In this case, you can arrange shooting in the studio.

If it is raining outside: 1. Buy a beautiful umbrella in advance in the color of your photo shoot. 2. Bring rubber boots or any other waterproof shoes on a flat sole (falling through into the dirt with high heels, you are unlikely to look natural and relaxed in the photo). 3. Use only waterproof cosmetics. 4. Refuse light curls (with high humidity from such a hairstyle in half an hour there will be no trace) in favor of high hairstyles and weaves. 5. Throw a cardigan or jacket over your shoulders so as not to wet the dress.

If it’s very hot outside: 1. Pay special attention to makeup - it must be strong enough to hold out in the heat - and be sure to bring matting napkins with you. 2. Choose the most lightweight, flying outfit without pulling corsets and fluffy skirts. And the groom's jacket can be replaced with a stylish vest. 3. Conduct a photo shoot towards evening, at sunset, when the heat subsides a little.

If it`s too cold outside: 1. Do not neglect warm clothes: go for a photo walk in a coat or fur coat, and do not forget about accessories (scarf, mittens, hat). 2. Shoes should also be very warm and waterproof, and if the photo shoot takes place outdoors - without heels. 3. Take a thermos with hot tea to warm up during breaks. 4. Do not forget that in late autumn and winter the daylight hours are very short, which means that the photo session can be divided into 2 parts: daylight, under the bright rays of the winter sun, and evening, in the bewitching light of garlands and candles.

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