Making a meaningful frame

The key to a good photo is a successful combination of all the important factors in one work.

1. The model is displayed correctly. You were able to discover the nature or quality of your model exactly as you would like. For example, an energetic person looks full of energy, a gentle child looks defenseless and touching, an elegant girl shows herself beautifully.

2. The light in the photo works for your idea, creating the mood you need.

3. The composition of the frame is arranged correctly. For example, the space in front of a moving model is greater than or equal to the space left behind it. In this case, there is a feeling of movement. Everything that is in your shot should work for the idea or, at least, serve as a neutral background. No need to include fences, structures, wires that distract from the main character of your photo.

4. Technically, the photo must be correctly taken - the focus is on the semantic part of the photo, for example, the face of the model, there are no strong overexposures or hard shadows, noises or artifacts.

5. Well, the last, in my opinion, the most important factor is the love for your model and some kind of internal, inexplicable contact with her, which can sometimes be achieved during the shooting process. It is this feeling that you are doing a photo shoot together, understand each other without words, agree on something, ask her to do something specific, and she tries to fulfill your request ... all this magic, which is so difficult to define, and then gives birth exactly that particular photo that you can be proud of.

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