Smartphones, shooting and travel 3

Use the built-in flash with care The built-in flash in some cases can help solve the problem with insufficient lighting, but you still need to use it with caution. After all, the built-in flash, unfortunately, often provides too high a brightness, as a result of which people in photos turn into real ghosts. It is recommended that you take some picture with and without flash, then to select the best option. Instead of using the flash, sometimes it’s better to simply increase the exposure time through a variety of applications and settings. This will allow you to get better quality images when the environment is not well lit.

Shoot the series Take multiple photos of the same plot. Due to movement or focusing errors, the camera may produce blurry photos. Shooting in series allows you to get several photos from which you can later select the optimal frame. In many modern smartphone models, serial shooting is already implemented at a good level.

Do not forget about the composition of the picture Mobile shooting, as well as photographing with a conventional camera, requires the selection of the correct shooting angle and alignment of the composition. Do not forget about the horizon line and, in general, about the lines in the frame. To build a good composition, you can use the well-known “rule of thirds”, imagining the horizontal and vertical lines for the competent location of the object in the frame.

But perhaps the most important thing for a mobile photographer is the ability to find interesting stories around him. Learn to photograph what surrounds you without losing a huge amount of time to find the subject. Often, quite ordinary and simple things surrounding us can become part of an original and interesting picture. Always keep a smartphone with a built-in camera with you and be ready to take pictures, because it is fleeting moments that give truly unique shots.

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