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Do not use digital zoom. While optical zoom allows you to magnify objects in detail in a photograph, digital zoom for the most part only spoils the overall image quality. Even the smallest zooming can lead to a sharp deterioration in image quality - the sharpness of the image decreases and the notorious noises come out. Therefore, instead of using digital zoom, just get closer to the subject. In the end, the necessary fragment can then be simply cut out from a large photo image.

Maximum picture quality In the settings of the smartphone, select the highest image quality settings, in particular, the highest resolution of the photo. Do not save on the size of the photo, if the goal is to get the highest quality pictures possible. In addition to resolution, in the camera settings of modern smartphones, the user is offered other options that allow you to use the camera to the maximum. For example, in some cases it may be useful to manually set the white balance to improve the quality of the photo. Sometimes you can use one of the plot programs offered by the firmware of the smartphone. In particular, when shooting in the dark, you can use the "night mode", in which the ISO sensitivity value is automatically increased to the maximum value. Fine tuning of color saturation, contrast and sharpness of the photo image also helps.

Avoid moving Taking pictures on a mobile phone, of course, it is very difficult to avoid blurry images. To reduce the likelihood of manifestation of movement, it is necessary to hold the smartphone in your hands as steadily as possible. To do this, you need to hold the gadget with both hands and use various surfaces or stable objects that you can lean on. Some applications use the built-in accelerometer in the smartphone so that the camera takes the coveted shot exactly at the moment when it is in a stable, level position. You should definitely use this option if there is such a possibility.

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