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July 26, 2020

Smartphones are firmly included in our everyday life by replacing conventional mobile phones. Almost every smartphone has a camera, sometimes two, and manufacturers have long been involved in the megapixel race on these devices, bringing their number to the level of modern cameras. All this makes us talk about smartphones as devices for creating photos.


Smartphone camera versus digital camera
The most important difference between the built-in camera of a smartphone and a digital camera is the small physical dimensions of the matrix, which is dictated by the compact size of the mobile gadget itself. The small size of the sensor leads to noise in photo images, especially when shooting in low light conditions. Smartphone manufacturers are trying to deal with noise using a variety of software algorithms, but this does not completely solve the problem.

How to shoot on a mobile phone
Now let's move on to how to get the highest quality photos by shooting on the camera of your mobile phone. Here you need to pay attention to the following main points:

Lens cleanliness
Do not forget to monitor the cleanliness of the integrated optics. While the lenses of ordinary cameras are protected by special covers from external influences, the camera lens of the smartphone has an unpleasant property to collect fingerprints and become dirty over time. Before shooting, wipe the lens with a cloth so that dirt is not imprinted on the pictures.

Catch the light
As we have already mentioned, the matrices of built-in cameras in smartphones are inferior in physical dimensions to those used in digital cameras. In this regard, one of the main problems of the camera of any smartphone is any quality of images in low light. Try to take pictures when the subject is well lit. The quality and color rendition of the future picture directly depends on the characteristics of the lighting - if the light is dim, then the photos will turn out faded and nondescript in appearance. Therefore, it is best to shoot in the afternoon on the street.

At the same time, you should avoid taking pictures against the sun or in deep shadow - you can just ruin the photos. It is recommended that the sun be in front of or on the side of the subject. Contrast light transitions should also be avoided. When shooting in cloudy weather, you need to find any additional light sources.







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