Secrets of composition. Rhythm

The rhythm is one of the simplest compositional techniques, which consists in the regular alternation of any elements in the frame. Anything can alternate: shadows, folds of fabric, colors and shades of objects. In general, the material for creating a rhythmic composition can be divided into three categories: lines, spots and objects.

The rhythmic pattern can be simple and complex. With a simple rhythm, static objects are evenly and equidistant located on a plane. If it’s complicated, the elements change in several ways at once. For example, the shape and color of an object varies, or the distance between objects increases, which in turn decreases.

There are two ways to work with rhythm: you can emphasize it or break it. Emphasizing the rhythmic pattern, the author fills the frame with it, puts some meaning into it and draws the viewer's attention to it. Breaking the rhythm, the photographer breaks the sequence of repetitions, placing a special emphasis on this. It is important to take into account other compositional techniques so that the frame looks harmonious and complete.

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