Opinion: pre-wedding love-story photo shoot through the eyes of photographer

Let`s talk about pre-wedding love story? Why is it so important and how to prepare for it? And at the end of the article, tips for creating the perfect love story are waiting for you!

Preparing for the wedding Do you often take pictures with your beloved one? No, we're not talking about selfies or holiday photos. We are talking about professional photography, such as it will be on your wedding day.

When you choose a photographer for yourself, of course, you are based on his style, and roughly understand that he is shooting, what the resulting picture is. Everything is so easy and natural in the photo. But try to look at this process from the inside.

Most often, on the wedding day, the newlyweds have a very superficial experience of photographing, and the grooms are mostly completely ignorant of what will happen. Naturally, your photographer will explain everything in detail and tell you at the first meeting, but the theory is best fixed in practice, and it is best that this practice does not take place on the wedding day itself ...

Why do we need a pre-wedding love story? Love story photo shoot is not just photos that you can show guests at the wedding. No. Love-story will help you get used to the camera and the shutter sound, to relax. You will understand how your photographer works, what he expects from you. And most importantly - you will gain experience and will feel more confident in front of the camera, as if there is nobody around. From my own experience, I can say that after pre-wedding photography, couples who had no idea what to do and how to behave before, are surprised at how photogenic they are and how wonderful they look in the photo. And on the wedding day itself they already understand me at a glance, enjoy their walk, completely unashamed and not paying attention to the camera.

Secrets of a perfect love story 1. Choose the places where you really want to go for a walk. Let it be interesting to you. This will help to relax and just enjoy the walk.

2. Think over your look. Do not try to come up with individual look from the best things in your wardrobe. Dress and stand together in front of the mirror - you must be in harmony with each other.

3. Make up and hairstyle. We do not mean professional ones, although love-story is a wonderful occasion to make a trial pre-wedding hairstyle and makeup. But in extreme cases, do not be too lazy to create a simple ilook yourself.

4. Haste is the main enemy. Don't be afraid to take more time for the photo shoot. You’d better spend it on rest and coffee than in a hurry and shorten the time of the photo shoot. In this case, parts that will have to be sacrificed in order to do the rest can suffer.

5. Do not try to cover many places or places that are very distant from each other. Long transfers are quite tiring. You should be relaxed, and not run from one location to another headlong. Sometimes the location presents the opportunity to shoot very diverse shots in almost the same place.

6. If you still want to shoot in different places - it’s better to set aside 2 days and organize separate photo sessions for each location. So you can give them proper time and more carefully emphasize the individuality of the place.

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