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Good photos warm us and preserve our pleasant memories of important events and bright emotions. This article contains the main points that you need to pay attention to get truly sincere and lively photos.

Choice of a photographer First of all, it is worth taking a responsible approach to the choice of a photographer. There are photographers who specialize in staged photographs, and those who better catch emotions and make reportage. Each professional has his own unique style and in his own way knows how to convey the atmosphere.

But how can one choose among the huge number of photographers who is the best for you? First of all, you should carefully examine portfolio and try to imagine yourself in the place of those people in the pictures. If you easily see yourself in such images, with such emotions and moods, if you like the presentation and the overall aftertaste from the pictures, then this photographer is right for you. It is still worth seeing a series of shots, photo stories of the whole day. Single photos can not always fully reveal the author's style and features of the work of a professional.

And, of course, it is worth getting to know the photographer personally, so that you can learn more about him and his shooting features, and he can find out all the details of your story and give tips on how to make the process of photography as productive and comfortable as possible.

Poses Most often, the main secret of live photos is that there is no pose there (or it is completely invisible)! Sometimes, the more you try to look good in front of the camera and choose your pose deliberately, the more constrained the body looks and the emotions become less natural. The most important key to getting sincere and “live” photos is to relax as much as possible. Of course, this is far from being as simple as it sounds in words.

But there are several steps that will help to relax in front of the camera:

• Try to imagine that there is no photographer near you, and you just went for a walk with your beloved one.

• Look at each other, smile and give tenderness, try to behave the way you do it in life.

• Move more: walking, running, hugs and dancing - all this causes a lot of positive emotions, which means that your emotions in photos will be lively and light.

• Sometimes it’s nice to have some fun too - this helps to defuse the situation and just have fun. But do not replay and deliberately grimace at the camera - it most often looks unaesthetic.

• If you like animals or have pets, you can also connect them to the photo shoot. Fun and smiles are guaranteed.

Good mood It is important to be in a good mood during the photo shoot, which means you must have a good night's sleep, eat, make sure that the shoes are not tight, you won’t be too hot or very cold. Of course, we cannot influence the weather conditions, but based on the climate and weather forecasts, we can take the necessary steps to improve comfort during photography (at least get dressed for the weather). If it is planned to rain, it’s nice to get a beautiful umbrella (preferably transparent or white so that it does not leave color reflections on your faces and clothes) or book a few hours for shooting in a good studio.

Harmonious looks Harmonious looks are one of the most important moments of successful photography. If you think over the correct combination of outfits and accessories in advance, choose the perfect hairstyle and makeup, then your images will be irresistible. So, you will feel “at ease” and a great mood will accompany you all day and during shooting, and while viewing photos!

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