Open, closed and diagonal. Subtleties and nuances of creating a composition

June 29, 2020

We continue to consider the art of photography, drawing on the experience of painting masters. Today we’ll talk about open and closed compositions, as well as what role ascending and descending diagonals play in the image.

Open and closed composition
In images with a closed composition, all the details are inside a certain border, which forces the eye to move in a circle and does not allow it to go beyond the frame. A distinctive feature of the closed composition is the presence of fields.

In an open composition, on the contrary, portions of the image themselves either go beyond the frame, or take the viewer's gaze from the plane of the picture, with some plot imagination.

When working with a model, a closed composition is created using the position of the arms and legs. The look of the model, aimed at his own body or elements of clothing, also closes the composition.

Knowing this trick, you can make the viewer focus on something specific, or vice versa, move the most unattractive elements or body parts out of this attention if they cannot be removed from the frame at all.

The pose of the model also affects the overall mood of the picture. A closed position demonstrates peace, and an open one demonstrates dynamics and movement.

The ascending and descending diagonals in the composition
Diagonal composition is often used in art, allowing you to convey additional meaning in the image. The descending diagonal is directed from the upper left corner to the lower right. Ascending - from lower left to upper right.

The rising lines look more intense, creating dynamics and movement in the frame. Descending - are associated with calm, pacification.

At the same time, there is no need to place objects on the diagonal with geometric accuracy, a conditionally specified direction is enough.


Using this knowledge, do not forget that the composition itself will not create a beautiful picture. It serves only as a means of expressing author’s thoughts.



















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