20 Essential Questions for a Wedding Photographer

The choice of a photographer is a very important point in wedding preparations. What issues need to be discussed with him in person, read in this article.

1. “Do you sign a service agreement?” The signing of the contract is important for both parties: both you and the photographer will be sure that the working and payment conditions are met.

2. "How is the payment made?" As a rule, the payment is divided into two parts: upon signing the contract, you pay in advance to reserve a date, and on the wedding day the rest of the amount.

3. "Do you work with an assistant?" If you are planning a magnificent celebration, most likely, an assistant during the shooting will come in handy.

4. "Do you have a replacement for the case of force majeure?" The photographer may get sick or for some personal reason not come to your wedding - in this case, he must provide you with a replacement. Make sure you are comfortable with the option that he can offer.

5. “What is the minimum number of hours to be paid? Do I have to pay extra for late shooting? ” Photographers usually have a minimum number of hours to pay.

6. "Can I see the full series from your weddings?" Very often on their website, photographers upload only the best pictures. But in order to appreciate the style and skill level, you need to see the shooting of the whole wedding day.

7. “How many photographs will we receive?” If you want a certain number of photos (and no less), be sure to check this out at the meeting.

8. "How long does it take to process photos?" Be prepared for the fact that wedding photos will have to wait a few months (especially if your wedding takes place in summer).

9. "In what format will we receive the photographs?" Depending on the photographer’s approach, some photos may be printed to you (specify how many) or all photos will be given to a disk (flash drive).

10. “Is it possible to make a wedding photo book? How much is it?" A wedding photo book is a decorated album with your wedding photos, a wonderful memory of your wedding. As a rule, photographers make a discount on a photobook if ordered immediately upon signing the contract.

11. “How will you get to the place of the shooting? Do we need to allocate a place for you in our transport? ” This issue needs to be discussed before booking wedding vehicles.

12. "What places for a photo shoot would you recommend?" The result of his work largely depends on this, so you should decide the question of choosing a place for shooting together.

13. “Have you already worked at our wedding venue before?” If the photographer already knows the place of the shooting, this is a big plus, since during the photo session he will already know the most successful camera angles and locations.

14. “How will you be dressed?” This is an important point, because the photographer should not get out of the general style of the wedding, i.e. should look neat and tidy. But keep in mind that the photographer works at a wedding, so his clothes should be comfortable.

15. “Then are our photos posted on your site?” If you do not want this, you may have to pay extra for this service.

16. “Do you have spare equipment?” There should not be any problems on the wedding day, but if they suddenly happen, then this should not affect the shooting.

17. "Will there be black and white pictures and how much?" Some couples love classic photographs in black and white, they look very sophisticated and elegant, so ask in advance if the photographer can make them.

18. “Does the printing of photos include the cost of the work, how many pieces will be printed?”

19. “Can you give some advice for wedding photography?” An experienced photographer will tell you what you need to take with you to the photo shoot, how to hold the first meeting of the bride and groom, at what time it is better to arrange a ceremony to get beautiful pictures.

20. "Is it possible to shoot a love story before the wedding?" Discuss its script, location, and other important aspects with the photographer. By the way, many photographers offer a love-story photo shoot at a discount to couples who order their wedding shoot.

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