What is Fine Art Photography?

The basics Photography is not color, light, composition or posture, it is the product of many elements that give rise to a single whole. That which makes you look at it again and again, seek and find something of your own. Any kind of art is something subjective, you cannot love something that you do not understand, do not feel. Also a photograph. If it makes the viewer feel, it means that it touches the necessary strings inside it and was created not in vain.

Most often I have feeling to works made in the style of fine art - whether it be photography or painting. This style is better than others convey plasticity and volume, light, softness of lines, their harmony.

What is fine art photography? Fine art is not staging or reporting. In the classical sense of fine art, photography has nothing to do with film, wedding or decor. It is rather a technique of using light and color in a frame, building a composition, arranging dominant and weak notes in the overall picture. In a word, everything that makes the elements in the frame sound like music.

Fine art is the ability to make simple things beautiful. Today we are talking about fine art style in photography, the legislator of which is Jose Villa. At least he says so. We will not argue, he really was the first photographer to use this name for his work.

What distinguishes this style from others? First of all, the inner taste, sense of style, the pursuit of beauty and the level of visual education. This is much more important than finding the right color or a ready-made preset, because color is only one of the elements, you also need to learn how to feel it. For example, in reportage shooting it is not so important. Color does not affect the genre, only helps to identify the author. At the same time, wedding fine art photography has its own standards that help the viewer immediately highlight such pictures, and color and light are the primary visual signs.

Back side Of course, here we get the flip side of such standardization - the lack of individuality. The same thing happened with the popular vsco filters and kinfolk style - they all became the same. Therefore, the photographer must learn to jump above these standards and stand out with other qualities - taste, sense of style - i.e. secondary features, which will become its hallmark.

Timeless style Many people think that wedding fine art photography consists in certain poses and is static. I believe that this opinion is formed due to the numerous stylized shootings, which are very similar to each other. To get a decent result in sterile conditions is much easier: professional models, decorators, time and place with perfect light - and it isn`t even necessary to be a professional photographer.

This is the flip side of the genre - visually it's easy to copy. Although the preparation for truly inspiring stylized photo shoot is sometimes as lengthy and painstaking as preparing for the wedding. This is a lot of work and thanks to such shootings, the photographic culture rises,people draw their inspiration from them. After all, fine art photography is the quintessence of the needs of many art lovers , and I would call this style ideal for wedding and other genres of photography, a timeless style.

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