Three new trends engagement and elopement photo shoots that I'm infinitely happy about

Film photos Film photos have a special atmosphere - you want to peer them, to study details and be fascinated by shades, and their light and mood are filled with magic. Love story photo shoot is designed to be captured on film. But remember that when planning such a survey, you must responsibly approach not only the choice of outfits, but also to the choice of location and time of the shooting, so that you will not be disturbed by the blinding sunlight or many passers-by in the background.

Reportage and video The classic shots in pose are replaced by live and reportage shootings, as well as by video clips of love story walks without staging, in real time. And we are very happy about this, because the most sincere emotions and the most magical shots are obtained unexpectedly. The walk is now free from endless posing and languid looks ..

Avoiding themes and common styles Numerous photo shoots in the spirit of travel or marine themes are being replaced by stylish and romantic walks without a single strict style, but with their own zest. Now we are waiting for stories about couples and their feelings, and not about the styles they like. But this trend should be forgotten when it comes to topics that reveal your character, hobbies or history of dating. The main thing is that the photo shoot looks harmonious: decor, outfits - everything should be combined and make up a single triumph of love.

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