Pre-Wedding Photography: 8 Top Tips

We are sure that a love story photo shoot before the wedding is always a great idea. But how to choose a suitable concept, choose outfits and decide on the place of shooting? Follow our tips!

1 SEASON This is one of the most important factors in determining the concept of shooting. You should take into account the weather, the availability of various sites, the relevance of a certain style. If you want to arrange a photo shoot in the format of a light romantic picnic in nature, late autumn and winter are not the best seasons for implementing this idea. At this time, it is better to give preference to a photo walk around the city, shooting in a studio or a photo shoot in a botanical garden. But blooming nature in May beckons to the park!

Emphasize the season of shooting in the choice of your style. A summer love story photo shoot in nature can give you bewitching photos in the sunset, winter shooting, complemented by warm accessories and fluffy snow, will become truly cozy, and a rich natural palette and a carpet of colorful leaves under your feet will add special charm to the autumn photo shoot.

2. LOCATION This aspect of the photo shoot largely determines its style and future results. The place of shooting should not only be beautiful in itself, but also look good in the frame and complement your story, so consider this choice in advance and discuss it with your photographer.

For example, if you want to take a walk in your favorite places in the city, it’s worth pre-planning a route and choosing the main shooting points. Want to arrange a love story in nature? Be sure to study the chosen location in advance so that on the day of shooting you do not spend time looking for a suitable place where strangers do not interfere with you.

3. SHOOTING TIME A gentle and slightly mystical dawn hour, sunny noon, magical sunset, a mysterious twilight atmosphere ... Depending on what kind of picture you want to get in the end, choose the time for shooting. Consult with a photographer: he will explain to you why the golden hour before sunset is so beautiful and how to choose the right lighting for your evening love story.

4. YOUR CHERISHED DREAMS If you can’t bring all your ideas to life on your wedding day, make love-story photo shoot! Have you always dreamed of a gothic look or black dress? Or maybe shooting on a farm in eco-style or a romantic walk in the rain? Set aside a separate day for shooting in order to realize everything, even the most daring ideas or to leave the city - at the wedding you most likely will simply not have time for this.

5. OUTFITS The images of the bride and groom should not only be beautiful in themselves, but also in harmony with each other and the overall style of shooting. For a walk around the city, casual style is suitable - jeans, shirts, sweaters and comfortable shoes, and for outdoor photography you can choose a more romantic and elegant option - a flying dress or a light sundress for the bride and a stylish set of a shirt + pants for the groom.

Your outfits may not coincide in color by 100%, but should be within the same color palette. And remember: if you want to get natural and laid-back shots, you should be comfortable in these clothes - if you are not used to wearing heels, give preference to sneakers or ballet shoes, it is also better to refuse too narrow dresses.

6. SHOOTING CONCEPT You do not have to come up with a specific scenario and play certain roles in the shooting process. Love-story is a story of your relationship, a story of your feelings and sincere emotions, so you should not portray languor and mystery if you want to dance and laugh.

But it’s still worth considering a general idea that will combine all the details of a photo shoot into a single whole. For example, it can be a memory of your first date or the theme of your first trip together, a lifestyle photo shoot at home with warm hugs and brunch, or a photo shoot of proposal.

7. POSES Many couples get lost on their first photo shoot, not knowing how to stand or where to turn. But for a beautiful photo shoot, you don’t need to be professional models - the main thing is to be open, sincere and not be shy in expressing your feelings.

8. DETAILS Suitable props and decor will allow you to make frames more vibrant and dynamic, as well as emphasize the chosen style. You can take a family photo album or favorite book, wedding invitations, flowers or candles for shooting - let the details help “tell” your story. Do not forget about the engagement ring - this jewelry deserves special attention!

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