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No matter how trite it may sound, but the choice of a photographer close to you in style and spirit is the key to a successful photo shoot. If you easily and naturally communicate with a professional at a meeting, it means that you will most likely work together at a wedding, and the ease and absence of constriction during the shooting process will help to create the most natural and emotional pictures.

Pre-wedding photography is an ideal way to get to know the photographer closer, work with him, and understand how comfortable it is for you to work together.

An experienced photographer will help to adjust your day timing according to your preferences: beautiful photos with soft sunset light are unlikely to turn out on a hot afternoon, and thirty minutes allotted for a photo shoot with guests may not be enough if there are more than a hundred people at the wedding.

By the way, when shooting with guests, the list of necessary photographs drawn up in advance helps a lot - this saves time for shooting in the photo zone. You can hand this list to the bridesmaid and ask her to control the process so that the photographer is not distracted by the guests organization. You can also make a list of the necessary photos for the photographer, what you want to keep in the wedding album: for example, handmade invitations, some specific details of the decor or gifts for parents.

Do not overload the wedding day with movements, because the main thing in the photographs is you and your emotions. If you have planned 2 hours for studio portrait shooting, a love story in the park and a group photo session in all the memorable places of the city, you are unlikely to be able to relax and get beautiful photos from each location. Choose one that is most suitable for you.

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