How to take pictures of teens

Taking photos of teens is perhaps no simpler than taking pictures of children or infants. The teenage years are a transitional period, the threshold of adulthood. The desire of parents to capture this period in photography is due to the desire to preserve the moments when their children begin to take steps into adulthood. We have prepared some tips for you on photographing teens.

Be tactful

Whatever character teenagers have, treat them with respect. You can start building a relationship of trust with a casual conversation. Do not use youth slang, trying to get into confidence. Instead, talk to them on equal terms, and they will feel that you do not treat them like children.

Respect and attitude, as adults, is what teenagers want. Find out their interests and preferences, let them express their opinion on how they would like to see their photos. The more you engage teenagers in the process of preparing for photo shoot, the greater will be the return on their part. This is a win-win option that will result in natural and vibrant shots. Starting to shoot, work fast: get ready to capture fleeting movements and shades of emotions.

Treat them like adults

Adolescents during this transition period are distinguished by the fact that, on the one hand, they already have the characteristics of adults, and on the other, they still retain many childhood habits.

Remember our first tip: treat them like adults. Start a conversation with them on topics that address the adult part of their personality, let them be on a par with you. This will undoubtedly attract the children to you and give you respect in their eyes. As soon as you feel that contact has been made and a teenager has let you into your world, try to unobtrusively invite him to pose for you.

Effective communication is the key to working with any model, especially with such a difficult one as a teenager.

In the process of shooting, be sure to look at the shots with them - most often, this only strengthens the desire of teenagers to be photographed, in addition, they may very well be able to tell you some idea for one or a series of photos.

Use a simple background

When photographing teens, focus on their youth and energy. For these purposes, it is optimal to use a simple background (for example, a stone wall or greenery of the park), which will not distract the viewer from your model.

In addition, the neutral background gives the photos a less formal look and fills them with natural energy.

If possible, try not to use the flash: the more ordinary the shooting process is, the more natural the photos will be.

Strive for naturalness

One of the things that make photos of teenagers interesting, as in the case with photographs of children, is the naturalness of their actions and behavior. Let them be on their own and not think about taking pictures or having to pose.

Take some test shots, discuss the result, listen to their comments and suggestions - this will allow you to enlist the location of teenagers, and further pictures will be more and more natural and laid-back. Of course, it takes time and patience, but the result is worth it.

Give teenagers the freedom to choose clothes for taking pictures

Another characteristic feature of the teenage period is the individual style of clothing, reflecting changes in the personality of the teenager.

Let them dress for the photo shoot in what they want. When photographing teens, you should not be afraid of overly bright, or contrasting clothing. Contrasting colors look very bold and youthful. In addition, a bright T-shirt, for example, allows its owner to stand out from the general background.

Conclusion Everyone wants a respectful attitude towards themselves, and among teenagers this desire is aggravated. Standing on the threshold of adulthood, they want an adult attitude to their personality. The key to working effectively with teens is to show them your respect. By treating adolescents as equals, you will gain credibility in their eyes and establish trusting relationships.

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