5 rules for a successful selfie. Makeup

Do not be afraid that photos with a same angle will look the same. Makeup comes to your aid. Photos with different makeup a priori will not look boring. Do not be afraid of experiments! The best cosmetics for photos are those light scattering, that is, illuminators, highlighters and reflective concealers.

The smartphone’s camera does not see light makeup, but it perfectly displays acne and dark circles under the eyes. Therefore, do not spare the concealer masking minor skin imperfections. In life, such a layer of "plaster", of course, will be noticeable, but it is not visible in the photo.

The bright light, which was discussed in the first part, tends to make the face flat. How to avoid this?

Fashion photographers change color reproduction and greatly brighten the face. The same effect gives a bright flash "in the forehead." So that the face in the photo does not turn out to be flat, like a pancake, highlight the cheekbones more clearly, or rather, darken the space under them.

Drops for eyes will help get rid of signs of fatigue and refresh your eyes.

The coolest image can be ruined by a tired look. Therefore, I share the secret of professional instagrammers. Use whitening eye drops. They change the shade of whites of your eyes from red to blue, refresh the gaze and even visually increase the eyes. You can’t use them daily, but for the sake of the photo - once a week - you can.

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