5 rules for a successful selfie. Common sense and tact

Selfies in the elevator, in the nightclub toilet, in the private bathroom and, of course, in the fitness room with the shirt tucked up to the chest became just a necessity for every self-respecting person with a phone in impatient hands. However, if all of the above is unpleasant and everyone is tired of it, but still not criminal, then there are certain rules of etiquette for selfies, which are not recommended to be violated for reasons of elementary decency.

For example, taking a selfie at a funeral or commemoration - it would seem, who would ever think of such a thing? Is coming. And not only a girl not burdened with excess intelligence, but also ex US President Barack Obama and ex British Prime Minister Cameron. Thus, politicians had fun at the “boring” funeral service for Nelson Mandela.

It is extremely incorrect to take selfies on the background of memorials, monuments to human tragedies, fallen soldiers, in cemeteries - that is, in those places that are marked with the seal of grief and suffering.

For those who want to always look like a lady, it is not out of place to remember that taking a selfie is also inappropriate at events where your person is not the main one or where the party is started - at a wedding, birthday, corporate party, etc. . Collective selfie - like, for example, at the Oscars - yes. Everything else is not worthy of a well-educated young lady.

By the way, National Geographic created an anti-selfie ad campaign. According to the idea of ​​the authors of the project, animals copied the most popular pictures, which are better not to put on public display. So, we remember where it is better not to take a selfie: in the toilet, opposite the bed, in the elevator. According to the authors, these photos do not carry any semantic load and do not represent any artistic value - which means that their publication is not worthy of public display.

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