The main rule of creating any outfit is to follow your style. Do not be afraid to experiment and pick up vivid outlooks!

COLOR RANGE AND GENERAL STYLE Traditional costumes of black, brown and gray colors are always relevant. As for the various shades of blue - they all look great with fashionable pastel colors, as well as with rich red and yellow colors. The basis of the summer outfit can be light shades: beige, white, fawn. To replace the boring blue color, you can choose a light gray-blue shade or a more saturated violet. Choosing this color, you should pay attention to its dark and ink shades. Emerald color - noble, festive and refreshing - is perfect for a hot summer day!

IMAGE DETAILS A jacket is not only the main component of a men's suit. It can be a completely independent wardrobe item and become a key detail of the image. A bright jacket, corresponding to the palette of the photo shoot, will be eye-catching. Jackets in a cage always look relevant. Blazers made of textured fabric also look stylish. However, in hot summer weather, you can do without a jacket, wearing only a vest. In this case, it ceases to be an addition, and becomes an independent bright detail in your outfit. The vest can be in tone with the main color of the costume, but contrast is also welcome. The ideal option in the summer is a shirt and vest. This outfit is very stylish, elegant and original at the same time. A shirt can be taken with long sleeves and rolled up, this will give a little fashionable negligence. Pants can also become a separate element of the outfit, attracting universal attention. Bright pants are very popular! Your shoes are a reflection of your nature. It can be stylish shoes, democratic moccasins and loafers, and even bright sneakers! Choose shoes according to the style and venue of the photo shoot.

ACCESSORIES If you prefer a calmer palette for the suit, but still want to add a little brightness to the summer look, you should pay attention to accessories - for example, a tie of bright color or with an interesting print, a bow tie made of unusual materials - the greater the contrast of this detail with everyone else is better. Skillfully selected accessories play an important role in creating the image: suspenders, a bow tie in a flower, socks with a pattern.

NON-STANDARD SOLUTIONS Some designers propose replacing the traditional costume with shorts and a vest. Such an image will harmoniously look at a photo shoot in eco or rustic style if your girlfriend's dress is also far from the classic. If you are willing to experiment, then this option is for you!

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