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June 20, 2020

   For a beautiful picture you do not need rich decor or sophisticated outfits. And this love story photo shoot of Kaylee and Dylan is a great example. Here is only lightness, calmness and tenderness of feelings.

Inspiration for photo shoot
First came the dress! The dress that hung in the wardrobe for many years and was waiting in the wings. Leafing through the French catalog of this year’s clothes, I saw a very similar one, remembered him and decided that it was necessary to give him a second life!

Photo shoot style
After the dress, a concept appeared. We wanted to show couples that it is not the budget that matters, but the mood and their own style. One pair will fit chic decor, crazy hairstyle and princess dress. For the other will be suitable a laconic style with flowing fabrics and elegant decor.

And for someone’s a simple dress is enough, field flowers and a look that emphasizes the natural beauty. It was this style that we adhered to. We tried to show that it can be so beautiful too!

And do not copy the things you`ve seen somewhere, it is better to come up with something of your own, exactly what will suit you. I found a team that understood the idea very well. Easy makeup, styling, not a complicated hairstyle, and perfect dawn - this is the minimum that helped complete the story.

Photo shoot day
The day was almost perfect! The weather was excellent, warm and cloudy, the dawn sun did not let us down. As with any photo shoot, there was a small unforeseen situation - with a bouquet. A very simple mono-bouquet was planned, but an hour before the shooting, we learned that it would not be.
And here, it seems to me, also a good lesson for all couples: accidents are not accidental, and you should not worry if something goes wrong, we were saved by blooming jasmine and ivy. They came under the general idea even better than what was originally planned.





















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