Remember a few tricks

If you can’t relax in front of the camera, you think that you are not photogenic, and you are afraid that you won`t get beautiful photos, remember a few tricks:

• • Take a deep breath (this will relax your shoulders) and stretch your chin forward to the camera (not up!) - this will lengthen your neck and remove your second chin.

• • Posing in front of the camera, we do not know what to do with our hands. It’s very easy for a girl to solve this problem by picking up a bouquet. The main thing is not to forget to slightly put your hand with a bouquet from the body to visually make it thinner. Do not squeeze your fingers too much when picking up something.

• • It is not necessary to smile all day - a serious or serene look is also quite acceptable in a portrait. Fool around, laugh, look at each other with tenderness, the main thing is to be yourself, it's your day.

• • Another issue when shooting is tense lips. To relax them, I usually ask the model to make the sound “tpruu” - this not only relaxes the muscles of the face, but also causes sincere smiles.

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