Wedding photo shoot: TOP-15 mistakes

How will the wedding photos come out depends not only on the photographer, but also on the newlyweds themselves. To avoid disappointment, do not make the following mistakes.

1. DO NOT DISCUSS THE TIMING OF THE DAY WITH PHOTOGRAPHER The result of the wedding photo session depends on what time of the day it takes place: for example, the bright midday rays of the sun will make you squint and create unnecessary sharp shadows, while at sunset you can get truly magical shots. Therefore, before finally approving the timing of the wedding, coordinate it with your photographer.

2. DO NOT TELL YOUR WISHER TO PHOTOGRAPHER ... Each bride has her own ideas about what an ideal wedding photo shoot is and, believe me, they are not always as obvious as it might seem, and photographer can`t read your thoughts. Therefore, make a list of pictures for him, which must be in your wedding photo album.

3. ... AND YOUR MAIN “NO” The list of photos that are better to be dispensed with won`t be redundant. If you absolutely do not like any particular angle or posture, it is better for the photographer to know about this in advance.

4. MISS THE FIRST MEETING The moment when the groom first sees the bride is one of the most touching moments of the wedding day, so it is worth paying special attention to its organization. Discuss possible scenarios with the photographer, choose a suitable place and set aside in the timing for at least a few minutes to be together before the ceremony.

5. START SEARCHING PHOTOGRAPHER TOO LATE The employment calendar of good professionals can be scheduled several months in advance, so you can start searching for a photographer 5-6 months before the wedding date.

6. FOCUS ON POSING Many wonderful shots are obtained quite by accident - just when the newlyweds do not even know that they are being photographed. Therefore, try to behave naturally during the day and just forget that you are being filmed.

7. CONTROLL PHOTOGRAPHER`S WORK Do not dictate to photographer what and how he should shoot. You chose this specialist because you liked his work, so let him do it, and just relax and enjoy this wonderful day.

8. DO NOT ACCOUNT PERSONAL FACTOR The success of shooting depends not only on the professionalism of photographer, but also on the personality factor. It really should be “your” person who perfectly understands your desires and with whom you feel comfortable. Otherwise, you simply will not be able to open yourself in front of him on your wedding day and show your sincere feelings.

9. PERMANENTLY WATCH THE CAMERA Of course, one cannot do without classical portraits on which the newlyweds look directly at the camera. Most likely, your parents will frame them. And still remember that the most sincere and tender shots are obtained when the newlyweds lovingly look at each other, and not directly into the camera.

10. DISCLAIM THE PRE-WEDDING LOVE-STORY Pre-wedding photography is a great way to work together with the photographer and learn to keep yourself in front of the camera if you and your fiancé had no previous shooting experience. So, on the wedding day you will not be so nervous and worried.

11. ASK A FRIEND FOR A PHOTO SESSION Wedding shooting should be done by a professional. Believe me, this is not a cost item that is worth saving! And friends at the wedding, let them just relax and enjoy the evening.

12. PLAY A ROLE Do not portray thoughtfulness or seriousness if you want to dance with joy! Just enjoy the moment, laugh, hug with the guests and kiss the groom, do not hide your tears of happiness and do not hide emotions - believe me, it is sincere photos that will ultimately become your favorite.

13. FOLLOW TRENDS Wedding photos are a memory of one of the most important days in your life that will stay with you for many, many years, while trends change every season. Instead of chasing the most fashionable trends, it is better to give preference to a photographer working in a traditional style without using a lot of photoshop and color correction.

14. FORGET ITEMS You have chosen the style and decor of your celebration for so long, searched for suitable details, picked up flowers for compositions and even a font for printing. Make sure that the photographer has paid enough attention to important design elements.

15. DO NOT SMILE Do not hide your emotions: if you are cheerful and happy, let it be seen in the photographs. Remember that the sincere smile of the bride is the best decoration of the wedding!

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