Understand the emotional state of the subject

One of the difficult aspects of portrait photography is that you work with a person who is capable of experiencing a wide range of emotions in front of the camera. It can be shyness, embarrassment, anxiety. A person may be bored, bold, embarrassed, impatient, distracted, or experience any other kind of emotion that makes it difficult to get the best shot. The development of a successful portrait photographer is partly helped by the skills of a psychologist. Understanding human emotions and their behavior is a good help.

First, put yourself in the place of the person being photographed. Imagine his sensations and experiences. How would you feel in the place of this person, and what would help you feel more at ease? Observe the signs of his state of mind. Is eye contact difficult for him? Does he feel discomfort and blink when the flash fires? Constantly looking at someone to calm down or distracted? When the problem is clear to you, then it can be solved.

As a rule, talking with a model helps her to feel at ease. Thanks to a light conversation, the facility will relax. Comment on what you are doing and get feedback to increase the effectiveness of the interaction. If things are not moving as well as we would like, this does not mean that the model is not trying and she is to blame. Ask the person if they are comfortable and what you can do to help. It’s better to say: “This pose / lighting doesn’t work” and move on than to make the model think that she is not doing well enough. Then she will try twice as much.

Positive feedback is credible and contributes significantly to capturing the best photos. By showing the model the pictures on the back of the camera, you will convince her that the photo shoot is progressing well and give her confidence in her appearance.

It will also be useful experience if you put yourself on the other side of the lens. Invite one of your friends to be a photographer and pose, feel like a model.

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