First meeting with the photographer: what needs to be discussed?

April 5, 2020

1. Agreement
A true professional always works by contract. We do not recommend cooperating with those who, for one reason or another, refuse to confirm  agreements officially. Confidence and friendship with the photographer is, of course, good, but when it comes to work, it is better not to take risks and protect yourself.
Do not sign the contract without reading it! Yes, and the smallest font too. It must necessarily reflect the deposit and the amount of the advance payment, the timing of the edition of the material, the procedure for the parties in case of termination of the contract.
If you don’t understand something in the contract, do not hesitate to ask for clarification. Open dialogue is the best way to avoid conflicts and disputes in the future.


2. Complete series of photo shoots
The portfolio that you saw on the photographer’s website doesn’t really say as much about his work as it seems at first glance. In it you will see only the best shots from all the shootings - but after all, you will need not one cool shot, but a full story. And all the photos should be on top.
Therefore, ask a professional to show you the complete series of at least a couple of the latest photo shoots. Not from 2014, when he was shooting a gorgeous wedding of a model and her millionaire husband. And the fact that he is shooting now, on the set with about the same budget and style as yours. This will help to more clearly understand what you get in the end.


3. Your wishes
Feel free to say what is important to you in shooting. For example, your attitude to a large number of black-and-white pictures or the desire to take a small shoot at sunset. Warn the photographer about planned surprises so that he does not miss all the most important. Discuss with him the approximate timing of the day and the choice of location for shooting - a professional with rich experience will tell you where and at what time it is better to arrange a walk.


4. Photo availability
To save yourself from unnecessary worries, the question is when and in what format you will receive photos, and make sure that all this is written in the contract. How many photos will you receive, how they will be processed, how you will receive them - on a flash drive or through cloud storage, if you can order a photo book, will you receive a preview in the first days after the wedding - these are natural questions that concern any bride.
And if photographer answered them and indicated the exact dates that suit you, keep yourself in control and do not call him after the shooting with questions: “And when will the photos be ready? Could you be quicker? ”


5. Force Majeure
Unfortunately, no one is safe from them. And photographers are also people with whom flu, family problems and other troubles happen. And sometimes it turns out that your ideal photographer simply cannot be present on the day of shooting. This, of course, is not the most pleasant news, but this should not spoil your holiday.
Therefore, at the first meeting, discuss with the professional the question of what you will do in such a situation. “This just cannot happen,” is not the answer. In the end, anyone can get sick. It is much better if the specialist has a plan “B” - an equivalent replacement, the second photographer who shoots at the same level and in a similar style.





















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