The rules of posing for a photo shoot: top 7

Beautiful photos - the merit of not only the photographer, but also the models themselves. Follow our tips, and your photo session will be easy and will give you results!

1. ATTENTION TO YOUR POSTURE You can have an incredibly beautiful dress, make-up and hairstyle, but all this will fade into the background if you will slouch in the photos. Therefore, posture is the first thing to focus on during the photo shoot. The back should be straight, and shoulders straightened - in this way you look taller, slimmer and more elegant. And remember that a small deflection in the lower back will make the figure visually more feminine, emphasizing the silhouette. But there is a fine line between good posture and unnaturally straight back, that makes the pose look tense, "wooden" in the photographs. To avoid this, pay attention your shoulders (do not lift them too high) and try to stretch your neck - this will add the elegance to the pose. Do not hold your breath during the shooting, otherwise you will look tense and unnatural in the photo.

2. NATURAL POSES No "broken" poses from fashion magazines! And in general, we do not recommend to be inspired by fashion shots - they are aimed at showing the beauty of clothes / accessories, and not of the model herself. It`s better to watch regular photo shoots - this is a great way to make sure that for beautiful photos you don’t have to be a model with perfect parameters. In the process of a love story photo shoot, try to imagine that you and your boyfriend are only together here and no one sees you. Look into each other's eyes, talk about something without looking at the photographer, feel free to show emotions and tenderness to each other. Of course, at some moments the photographer can tell you how to turn, where to stand, so that the light correctly falls, but generally try to behave as naturally as possible. Be here and now - just enjoy talking with each other, hug, kiss, fool around.

3. DON'T LOOK INTO THE CAMERA During the portrait shooting try to look less directly into the camera. Such a picture will look boring, there is no zest. If you turn your head a little to the side and slightly at an angle to the camera, the photo will become not just more interesting, but your glance will shine in a different way. This also applies to shooting with your beloved. Surely you will want to make several classic portraits of the format “for the parents to frame”, but remember that the most tender frames are obtained if you look at each other or together in the same direction - but not at the photographer.

4. MOVE SLOWLY AND SMOOTHLY To make the photos atmospheric and unplayed, make sure that your movements are smooth, unhurried. So the photographer will be able to take several shots from different angles, and you will not have to repeat everything all over again for the second and third take. Follow this rule during a photo shoot with your beloved. Yes, for some photos you need dynamics, active actions to make your hair flutter, to make your dress fly beautifully - but during the walk try to walk slowly, avoid sudden movements. But do not freeze in the same position - the movements should be just smooth and unhurried.

5. SECRET OF EXPRESSIVE GLANCE If you want more expressive photos, “smile” with your eyes. Being in front of the camera, forget about business, about any organizational issues. Pleasant thoughts and emotions are a pledge of tender, serene portraits. It`s better to think about something pleasant: about the upcoming meeting with friends, about how beautiful this day is and how happy you are to be here now. Imagine a smile, but try not to smile at the same time. Yes, it is not so easy, but as a result you will get an expressive and warm glance at the photos.

6. ATTENTION TO THE POSITION OF YOUR HANDS The unfortunate position of the hands can spoil even the most successful photo. Of course, keeping track of your hands in the frame and suggesting how to pose correctly is the task of the photographer, and yet the question “where to put your hands?” does not lose its relevance.

The hands just hanged along the body does not look very aesthetically. Also avoid the “hands on the belt” posture and do not press them close to your body to make them look more elegant. This situation is often "saved" by the bouquet - but it must also be kept properly, without too much strain on the hands. Here are some more ideas on what to do with your hands while shooting: • • put one hand on any support - for example, on the railing, going down the stairs • • hand straighten curls in the face or cap • • you can frame your face beautifully - in this case you should gently bend your hands and relax your fingers • • put one hand on the shoulder or the elbow of the other - it is important to pay attention to the pose as a whole, so that it does not get squeezed, tense. And in the joint shooting with your beloved, just hold your hands and often hug!

7. STOP THINKING ABOUT HOW YOU WILL GET ON THE PHOTOS The more you try to look good in front of the camera and deliberately choose your posture, the more constrained your body looks and the less natural the emotions become. When you try to control each of your actions and movements, it is immediately apparent in the photo. So try to throw these away.

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