The main rules of successful portraits

Cuddle with friends, show teeth, buy wide angle lens

How to properly pose for the camera, even if the photographer is you, and the camera is your phone?

Always smile wide, as they say, with teeth. It is appropriate almost always except only passport and funeral photo. It does not matter if you are the owner of a Hollywood smile, braces or false gold teeth, the main thing is to smile as sincerely as possible, this decorates any picture.

If you are more than three people and you want to make a cool photo together, the most practical advice: stand as close as possible to each other, as if you are three hundred Spartans - and everyone is trying to fit in the frame. Imagine that you are best friends, cuddle - and get a nice picture.

The coolest selfies come out with a wide-angle lenses. First, the panoramic picture is more likely to fit some sense, and secondly, the wide angle is corny. Plus, it never hurts to identify your lucky side, smile more broadly, shoot facing the light and lift your chin higher to avoid shadows on your face. You can always play with the composition: for example, to place the face not in the center of the frame, but to shoot yourself from above or below. In general, if you follow these simple rules, you can look a lot better on a selfie than on any other photo, and sometimes even better than in real life. ”

Fool around, make faces

I really like to shoot at parties, where people react more calmly to the camera, they are not afraid to open up and show themselves. At parties you can truly have fun, make funny nonsense and do something unusual for a photo. Take pictures with glasses, hug and kiss with friends, laugh, even if you usually feel shy about this, hug a cypress or lie on the floor. It is important not to be shy to do a little stupid and funny things - as a rule, in the format of general fun, it looks very bright and healthy.

When shooting with models, I seriously approach the process of relaxing them. Unlike parties here I like, when people go into themselves, move away from cliches and become themselves. I ask them to think about something their own and not think at the moment, that they are being photographed. I propose to put the favorite music of the person I am shooting, or just put my favorite playlist. At the time of shooting, it's great to forget about what is going on outside.

Look for your perfect angle, practice with a different light

First you need to accept your appearance and love yourself - this will solve half the problem: “ I don’t come well in the photos. ” We will deal with the rest now. First, photography is a flat cast of reality, which greatly distorts the original objects. For example, a photograph makes absolutely everyone look fatter, at least that's why we love so much, how the models look in photographs, although in life their lack of weight can look painful.

If you decide to take hit photos and turn into a star of reports from parties, take it very seriously, first you need to collect all your old pictures, open a printed photo album that is still kept by your mother, and understand what angles you think are good, where you come better and wether you like yourself. Stand in front of the mirror and spend 30 minutes there, grimacing in various poses: posing as a cutesy model, a brutal man, smiling, grimacing and so on. So you determine the most successful postures and, importantly, remember those that are not allowed to use for the photo.

For the following exercise we will need the camera. We put it on the self-timer and shoot ourselves, using the experience of the two previous lessons, adding to this another new parameter - the light. It should be different all the time, including a flash in the forehead. You can try to take a selfie with the phone by the window, constantly turning to the light in different ways. So you will again determine and remember which angles at which light you go most.

Now the most important thing is the definition of the so-called working side of your face. This is the side with which you will try to turn to the camera. The important point - do not go over the top.

When you are photographed at parties, you should not be afraid of photographers who shoot with a flash head-on - just this option goes for almost everyone. Five to seven seconds of blindness is not a victim at all for the hero of secular reports. But guys with giant softboxes should be avoided - with them, firstly, it is much harder for you to control the result, and secondly, the diffused light of a side-mounted softbox (which these photographers pop you a little at the side) reveals a much larger number of flaws in the face and makes you older. But if the appearance of such a master of club shots occurs unexpectedly, then do not forget to have time to turn the working side, and if you want to look a bit slimmer, turn the body towards the camera by three quarters. The important point is not to hold your breath, so as not to look frozen in the frame.

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