The image of the personality in photography

Do not say "Cheese"

What you can do best? And do this not just mocking or through force, but sincerely. For the picture is important originality and uniqueness. This will give the photos not only naturalness, but also some kind of magic, because of which it will be impossible to look away from the picture.

A common way to shoot a portrait is to choose a good background, put a model in front of this background and say “Smile”. Maybe some snapshot as a result will come out, but in the photo, where everyone portrays flimsy poses, it is difficult to discern the identity of the person. If you want to get a “live” snapshot, you need to experiment.

For example, if you arrange a photo session on the beach, you should not stand in front of the sea and just smile, it is better to make a sandbooch, run along the water's edge. If everyone does something he likes, then the frame will be interesting, lively and easy. For a photographer, it is important to catch the moment when everyone is really busy with their business. And yet, remember, this is a portrait shooting, and not just a snapshot with people.


The personality of the person is better emphasized by the clothes he is wearing and the lighting, that the photographer has chosen for him. For example, for a serious person, it is better to choose pastel, calm tones. Try to minimize distractions, external factors. At the same time, solar lighting, will introduce romance and ease to a serious image.

Black and white portrait

Black and white portrait always looks more expressive. In such a portrait, nothing distracts our attention from the person himself. In black and white photography, you can better see the human essence. Make black and white portraits, they will give more drama to the image.

Color in photography

Color photography is able to convey the mood, create a certain atmosphere of the whole photo. When shooting a portrait, pay attention to the background color of your photo, and how the color scheme of your photo complements the whole image.

The background in the photo

Do not forget to choose the background meaningfully. The environment that means something to you looks best, it can be a home, a job, or a favorite vacation spot. Everything in the photo should help reveal the identity of the person.

Home is where the heart is

The house of a person can be a great place for a portrait photography. It is at home that a person can feel free and relaxed. In a familiar and pleasant environment, it will be easier for you to relax, which means you will behave naturally - this is exactly what you need.

Photographing at home, do not forget about the little things. It would be nice if our favorite gadgets or books, anything that would reveal to us the secret of his personality would be in the frame. Suppose you are a woman who cooks well and loves to do it. In my opinion, it would be very appropriate to take a picture of her in the kitchen, at work. When shooting at home, it is convenient to focus on a person’s hobby, maybe you collect coins, or stamps — take a picture with your collection.

Look around

Sometimes things around us mean more than we think. Often, some random objects can complement a photo, make it meaningful and deep.

A few thoughts at last

Individuality can manifest itself in anything - in character, appearance, or talent - open it up, show it through a photo, and then you will get a portrait that really means something.

If you could take a self-portrait, what should be on it? How do you see yourself?

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