The best way to use the details in portraits

All of us have probably seen a large number of photos in which photographers have successfully used the details for the best transfer the desired image. Objects used in the frame must be very convincing for the viewer, must correctly complement the image. Their appearance in the frame should be something reasoned. There are several reasons due to which the photographer decides to use props in shooting a particular image.


Sometimes, to feel and understand the character can be easier if you add some objects to the frame. These objects help the viewer to create the right impression, help to better understand a person’s character, his work, way of thinking, or mood. Previously, portraits were shot with objects that characterized a person's hobby, or the nature of his activity. Knowing what is interesting to a person and what he likes, it is easier to understand who he is.


Portraits, made in the usual for a person environment, are more convincing, they clearly show the viewer the every day life of the person. The spectator seems to be transferred to this world, and sees it as the person depicted in the photo. In this case, the picture speaks for itself.


There are no rules here, this is a flight of the photographer’s fantasy, his creativity, creativity and talent. In this case, the appearance of various objects in the frame is necessary for contrast, a certain game, and conflict in the foto. The object can be an unattainable dream, regrets about the past, or hopes for the future, and the viewer can feel it, seeing in front of him a properly played image.

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