Basic poses for photography

June 23, 2019

   Sometimes it is quite difficult to find suitable poses for a photo shoot, especially if there is an impatient representative of the strong half of humanity in front of the camera.


   A great option would be a demonstration of a man list of poses for shooting, so that he imagines what is required of him. Because of this, he will find peace and confidence, will be able to get rid of constraint, and the photos will come out relaxed and fascinating.


   The following are the main poses for shooting, which will allow any man to get on the photo more advantageous and successful:

   When posing, it is desirable to transfer the weight of the body to one leg or both legs at the same time.

  To focus on the broad shoulders and muscles, the person being photographed should turn the shoulders to the lens, and the hips, on the contrary - slightly turn away from the camera.

   It is easiest to pose for a portrait: the upper part of the body with arms crossed, shoulders set aside slightly back.

   Crossed arms look great when shooting in full growth. In this case, it is desirable that the man put one foot in front of the other.

   Throwing a jacket or other outerwear over the shoulder, holding your finger on the pocket, and crossing your legs, you can create an excellent frame.

   As a rule, the gaze of the model is fixed in the same direction, in which his face is directed.

   Particular attention is paid to posture regardless of whether the model is sitting or standing. A man should keep his back straight to get good in the photos.

   The classic pose in which a man sits, cross-legged, and slightly body leaning forward.

   Perfectly look photos in full growth, where a man with his back or side leans against a wall or tree. Alternatively, the model can bend one leg at the knee or cross both legs, then the picture will be more relaxed.

   Very interesting and directly obtained photos in nature, where a man just sits or reclining on the ground. You can lean on the elbow, bend one leg at the knee. Or even lie on your back and put your hands behind your head.

   It is easy enough to pose for a business photo shoot. A man can sit comfortably in a chair, stretching his legs and putting them on the desk, or lean his hip on the edge of the table, with his legs crossed, and his arms bent at the elbows, placed on his chest.

   These poses can be used as reference points when shooting. But it is worth remembering that any posture can be adjusted depending on the circumstances of the shooting and the scenario.
















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