Family photography - tips and ideas

June 14, 2019

   A family portrait is an image that people will keep carefully for many years. Therefore, it can not be unnatural or awkward. But there are many ways to creatively approach the shooting of a family portrait and make it fun and beautiful. Tips, ideas and examples on how to do this can be found below.

Be creative with the placement of people in the family portrait. The options will depend on how many people you are going to photograph and how much space do you have. Let`s take, for example, an average family with two children. With them, you can create a nice frame, placing the subjects in a circle, head to head. In this case, all lay on the ground (or any other suitable surface), holding hands.


    Group all together
When shooting a large family, try to group everybody in a certain way. Tall young people behind, elderly in the center, and the children in front. Pay attention to growth. Let tall people stand at the edges of the frame. For the effect of "randomness" do not line up strictly in the order of "high, low", as the view will be unnatural.


   Relationship expression
To show emotions in the frame and intimacy between people is a great idea for a family portrait. Hold hands or hug each other. It is also possible to emphasize the difference between the generations by alternately building a grandmother, a daughter, and a granddaughter. Age differences are usually obvious. Take pictures in natural light and use a high shutter speed to capture a chic, genuine smile.


    Proper clothes
Shooting family portraits is an important reason to look your best. Try to dress all family members in clothes with shades of the same color or in the same style for an interesting effect. Ask everyone in the family portrait to dress in things that work well together, or try combining different styles to vary the effect. You can ask everyone to dress smartly in formal clothes. But try to avoid overly harsh-looking red. An experiment with blending and color matching is also appropriate for an everyday look.


When you take on family portraits, be creative. Shoot outside in casual posture with natural light. Try to show tender family relationships and happy faces. One of the key factors is the number of participants in the photo shoot. You can select people from a large group to take a picture of them in a pair. Then make a family image by assembling such mini-frames into one.
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