9 reasons why you look bad in photos and how to fix it

June 20, 2019

   Do you want your portraits to become even more beautiful? Let's look at the nine most popular reasons why people look bad in photos. And, of course, tips on how to fix it.

   1. Too low shooting angle
As a rule, in order for a person to turn out beautifully in a photo, the lens must be above eye level.
Hold the camera a little higher (if it's a selfie), ask the photographer to lift it, find a higher friend who will photograph you, or bend your knees slightly. In addition, tilting the chin slightly down (but not too much) - no one wants to see what is in your nose.


   2. Improper focal length
The faces look different depending on the focal length of the lens (18 mm, 35 mm, 200 mm, etc.).
A good range for a natural looking photo is somewhere between 35 mm and 85 mm. But all faces are different. Therefore, sometimes people think that they look great in a mirror, but they look scary in photos.
To find the best focal length for yourself, ask a friend to take a camera with a zoom and take several pictures of you, each time filling the frame with your face. Then you browse through them and choose what you like most.
Try medium to longest focal length. To get your ideal range, ask the photographer to either retreat and increase the distance, or move closer and zoom out.


   3. Eyes do not smile
When you want to smile in a photo, notice that the eyes are just as important as the mouth. To "smile with the eyes", try to screw the lower eyelid, and lower the top a little.
Practice in front of the mirror. See how attractive you look.


   4. Incorrect body position
When photographing the head and shoulders at a 90 degree position relative to the camera, you can look a bit angular. Turn one shoulder slightly towards the lens. Your shoulders should be at an angle of about 30 degrees to the camera.
This posture will help to look slimmer. And still lift shoulders, flip them back and down. So you lengthen the neck a little and improve the appearance of the upper torso. We don't need slouching shoulders, right?


   5. You smiled too long, so the view turned out strange
Surely, you know that it is difficult to force yourself to smile at a request for a long time. The longer you stretch a smile, as a rule, the more artificial it looks. Especially often this happens when shooting group portraits. Ask the photographer to do a countdown of “3, 2, 1” before taking a picture. Then you just one or two seconds, make yourself smile and pose.


   6. You did not notice that you are being photographed or were not ready for it.
When you are photographed, give all your attention to the process of shooting, to avoid absurdly open mouth or crazy eyes in the frame. Do not look away from the camera. Try not to blink. It's only a few seconds, so focus.


   7. You grimaced
If you show your tongue, stretch your face, inflate your cheeks and the like, the look is stupid. Resist the urge to grimace at the camera, unless you want to make a portrait that causes laughter. Ask the photographer to make a couple of shots, where on one you are serious, and on the other - not very. Compare which one you like more.


   8. Took only one frame and you didn’t check it.
Feel free to ask for another frame if you feel that you have messed up the previous one: blinked, yawned, etc. Ask them to show you how you came out in the photo and let them take another shot if you didn't like this one. Show interest in creating a beautiful image.


   9. You just "do not like"
Some people do not like to be photographed. But if you can't avoid it, you should try to look better. Many people hate photography because they think they always look horrible, or because of low self-esteem. If you make zero effort, then probably the result will not impress you, as with other areas of life. By applying these tips, you can improve your photos.
10. Additional advice: you look good in your own way.
We are all different, wonderful and unique, so do not shy away from having to be photographed. Show your face, add some positive and apply a bit of knowledge. If you think you are ugly, then you are mistaken.





















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