3 tips on how to improve children's portraits

Parents instinctively try to capture their children to save this short slice of time, because they grow up so quickly. But the results of studio photo shoots look unnatural. We want our children to look sincere in portraits, as they really are, without forced smiles.

1. How to ensure that children do not pose in front of the camera, but look naturally Here you notice the perfect moment - your children play and laugh, the lighting is excellent. You see the beautiful picture you want to capture, rush for the camera, but ... They see a camera. Tense up. The moment is lost. What to do? When photographing children, the most important thing to do this more often - every day. If you take pictures of them only from time to time, then the kids change at the sight of the camera. The constancy is very important. Then your models will feel themselves comfortable in front of the lens. To get the most original and sincere photos, I try to catch the moment when they play with each other and completely forget about the camera. Such everyday scenes become the most memorable moments when children grow up.

2. What clothes are better for taking pictures of children? I adhere to a simple rule: clothes should not distract attention from what is happening in the photo. But to follow such a simple principle is not so easy. Modern children's clothing is made in bright colors, it is full of inscriptions and images of cartoon characters. In the photos all this takes away attention from children.

3. How best to photograph children of different ages.

Newborns Often parents ask why newborns look so calm? How does this work out? It is known that at this age many children often cry or fidget. In fact, here parents have a significant advantage. Moms spend 24 hours a day with their children, and they know exactly when the baby is crying and when not. Parental instincts help to choose the right moment.

"Golden age": 2-4 years Photographing many children, I noticed that there is a period that can be called universal. This is the age when children are most photogenic. In my opinion, it lasts from two to four years. During these years, children behave naturally. They do not care, that someone is looking at them, or that others will think about them. And they are not bothered by the lens directed in their direction. Children are not embarrassed yet, they are at ease.

Ages 5 and up When they are older, it becomes a bit more difficult. Already at the age of five children are embarrassed in front of the camera. They start to pose. Here you need to be patient. Let them play, and you get lost in the background. The best photos are always obtained at the end of the photo shoot, when children completely forget about the camera.

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