What is better never ask to the phtographer?

1. “WE HAVE MADE A LIST OF 200 MANDATORY SNAPSHOTS. DO YOU NEED IT? ” Choosing a photographer, you show that you trust his vision. Let the professional work in his style, which you liked, and not at your request. If you have any ideas, interesting perspectives, a desire to “repeat” a cool photo from Pinterest - you can tell about it, but making long lists is already too much.

2. “MY UNCLE RECENTLY BOUGHT HIMSELF A COOL CAMERA AND ALSO WANTS TO TAKE PHOTOS OF US DURING THE SHOOTING. AREN`T YOU AGAINST? ” The most awkward question for the photographer, because he is generally against it. Of course, your uncle is a wonderful person, but your shooting is not the best place to practice in a new hobby. When the shooting, an extra person will only interfere and distract you.

3. "WHY SO EXPENSIVE?" Do not forget about politeness and tact. Learn about possible promotions and special offers, discounts on love-story and so on, it is useful, but if you can’t afford a photographer, just don’t make an appointment with him and find one whose price / quality ratio suits you completely.

4. “WE HAVE DECIDED TO SAVE AT MAKE-UP, BUT YOU CAN RETOUCH EVERYTHING, RIGHT?” As a rule, photographers do not retouch all photos, but only a few individual portraits. And not all professionals love “glossy” retouching, so that on most photos from the processing there will be only color correction. Therefore, do not hope that the photographer will correct make-up mistakes or “remove” those extra pounds in Photoshop. The photographer is not a magician; one should not expect him to transform reality.

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