What if we are embarrassed to kiss in front of the camera?

Indeed, many couples are embarrassed to show their feelings in front of the camera. Especially, if you do not have the experience of such shootings and you feel a little bit shy. Therefore, our first advice is to make friends with your photographer. At the very least, just chat, make personal contact, share your experiences. The more informal and comfortable the relationship with the photographer is for you, the easier it will be for you to open up in front of him during the shooting.

By the way, there are different types of kisses. Light, tender kisses look on the photo aestetically much better - and these are not only kisses on the lips. You can kiss each other on the cheek, in the corner of the lips, photos, where the groom kisses the bride in the crown of the head or on the forehead, on the shoulder, look very touching, .

Show the passion in front of the camera or not is a personal choice of each couple. And if this is unacceptable for you or simply seems you inappropriate - do not force yourself. In the end, these are your photos, abd you will review them with your parents, friends, show them to your children. Too sensual photos may look out of place.

In this matter, the photographer’s style of shooting is also important. If you are embarassed to pose, if it seems ridiculous to you to take some poses for a photo, look in the indicated direction, etc. - choose reportage photography. In this case, the photographer will not ask you to kiss in a specific moment - he will simply try to capture the “live” moments and emotions. How do you laugh together, hug, just talk ... Yes, and random, not staged kisses, too.

Another good way to "switch" is to pick up additional decor / props and create a shooting scenario. If the photo session takes place in nature, have a light picnic, and if in the city, make a walk route so that you can find an atmospheric cafe together. The action itself will distract you from the process of shooting, which will help you to behave more naturally, to focus less on the fact, that you are in front of the camera, and therefore - not to be shy to show tender feelings to each other.

In general, try to concentrate more on each other, and not on the process of the shooting. Then you don’t have to think “should we kiss now?”, “But how do we look from the side?” Just enjoy the moment. And more: look more often at each other, and not at the photographer. It will help to concentrate on the moment, and kisses will be natural, and not staged, made-up.

By the way, for a beautiful frame kissing is not necessary. Photos taken as if for a moment before the kiss, when you look at each other with love and tenderness, look no less romantic.

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