How to choose clothes for love-story: 8 main recommendations

The style and theme of the shooting When preparing outfits first of all you should pay attention to the style or theme of your love-story. For shooting with a luxurious decor fit evening gowns - elegant dresses and tuxedos. For a cozy photo shoot at sunset in the park and a picnic it is better to choose a casual style, flying natural fabrics, muted tones, soft colors. By choosing a particular theme for the shoot, you literally commit yourself to observe the dress code, otherwise the idea will fail. For example, for shooting in marine style, you can pick up light-colored outfits (white, blue-gray) and shirts with a marine pattern. And for a boho-style photo shoot, choose light natural fabrics and add bright accents to the images.

Seasonality No matter how banal it may sound, but the season of shooting is the determining factor for choosing clothes. Lightweight and flying dresses, lightweight shoes are suitable for summer shooting. In the male image should be avoided heavy and massive shoes, as well as too dark fabrics. Outerwear plays the primary role in winter shooting. Undoubtedly, buying outerwear, we do not think how it will look at the photos. Therefore, if you did not find anything suitable in the wardrobe, replace the outerwear with warm knitted sweaters, scarves, shawls. Several layers of clothing will save you from the cold. Spring and autumn images should also reflect the season. For example, a floral print on dresses looks very relevant in the spring, and soft cardigans, stylish trench coats, coarse boots, and hats are suitable for warm autumn photography. But even here it is very important to take into account the temperature outside - red noses, blue lips and weathered hands will not exactly decorate your pictures!

The shoot place Shooting place plays one of the main roles in the selection of images. Clothing should not only be appropriate in style, but also not to stand out from the overall color palette of the venue of the photo session. Light sundresses and shirts with rolled up sleeves are not suitable for shooting in an old castle - in this way you will not get a harmonious picture. For a city walk, choose more modern looks: leather jackets, convers and boots, T-shirts and jeans. For shooting in the style of rustic, for example, in the field, park or countryside, you should choose flying dresses for the girl and light, light shirts for the young man - plain or with a pattern like a cell. Jeans in this case should be abandoned in favor of trousers made of cotton, tweed or loose wool. For unusual natural places - for example, in the mountains or pine forests, the images should be “tailored” to the mood of nature: in this case, checkered shirts, jeans, boots. Places that breathe air and lightness - lakes, seas, oceans, rivers - do not tolerate complex and intricate outfits made of heavy fabrics. Breathe in nature!

Compatibility of images One of the basic principles of the choice of images in absolutely any shooting is their compatibility with each other. Here you can go in two ways: choose individual images, while paying attention to the overlapping elements in dresses, the overall color palette, or choose similar, "identical" images (identical shirts, sweaters, jeans). Selecting the same clothes, you can choose for the girl and the young man different colors and finishes, or simply highlight the images with different accessories. If you choose clothes individually, then pay attention to the compatibility of colors - your images should look harmonious together. Ideally, if they have some unifying elements: for example, the color of a female cardigan can overlap with a men's bow tie or shoes. You can choose a "symmetrical" color scheme: the colors of the top and bottom of the male and female images are interchanged. The style of the images should also be combined: if the dress code at the shooting is evening or cocktail, then it should be that of the two of you.

Color spectrum The color scheme of your images should not only be in harmony with the decor, nature, space or weather, but also be personal to you. Pay attention primarily to the colors that you wear in everyday life, it is worth taking them as a basis. If you are not accustomed to bright clothes, then wearing a bright red dress for shooting, most likely, you will not feel at ease. The color range of outfits should also be appropriate for the setting: complement it and not merge. For example, for city shooting on the background of bright walls and graffiti you should not choose the same bright colors - use a more monotonous, calm range. On the beach will look great blue tones, light pink colors of the dawn sky, sandy and grayish shades. For a sunset photo shoot, it is better to choose pastel colors, since the warm light does not like very bright and catchy outfits.

Couple style Many couples are now paying special attention to a single style: they pick up and wear everyday and evening clothes in the same style, matching colors and carefully selected accessories. So couples should not forget about their style and shooting! If you are accustomed to more strict and classic images, choose the appropriate version of the photo session so that you feel at ease in front of the camera. And lovers of casual clothes (sneakers, simple shirts, jeans) should not dress themselves in tuxedos and evening dresses in which they will feel strange. Beat your love for warm and incredibly cozy dresses, because your style is always your advantage!

Comfort and convenience Choosing clothes for shooting, do not forget about convenience. A dress that is small to you (or large), too tight, translucent or with a deep neckline will only distract you during the shooting. If you buy new shoes for a photo session, be sure to carry it a little - at home or in the street, so that in the process of the shooting shoes sit on the leg as comfortably as possible. If the weather outside is not too warm, better think about thermal underwear or heavy clothing that wraps you with its warmth. You should not be cold or hot, as this creates an inconvenience not only to you, but also to your photographer, because your attention will be diverted by inappropriate conditions for shooting. If the weather tends to change, take along extra clothing sets.

Accents and accessories Accents and accessories in the images play a significant role, and sometimes they are almost the main element of the image. Belts, jewelery, handbags, bouquets and wreaths can complement your outfit, while your boyfriend's outfit can be supplemented with butterflies, suspenders, socks, ties, even watches and hats. The most important thing is to keep in mind the general picture so that the accessories do not overload the image and draw all attention to themselves. It is better to choose one detail that will become a highlight, than to put all the jewelry on yourself in order to look elegant. This can be a bouquet and a boutonniere of fresh flowers - they will refresh the images and give them individuality.

Recommendations 1. If you are not confident in your images, be sure to consult with the photographer - he sees the frame, light and color better, and will be able to accurately mark all the weak points of your outfits. 2. Love-story is an important event, so clothes should be carefully selected, without choosing what you wear every day, for example, stretched jeans or worn sneakers (unless, of course, the style of the shooting does not require this approach from you). 3. Do not forget about another pair of shoes for shooting, which should also fit your image: your may get tired to walk with heels, but this should not spoil your shots! 4. Do not forget that things must be carefully ironed and prepared for shooting.

The main decoration is a smile and your feelings, do not hide them, be natural - and then the shooting will certainly be unforgettable!

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