What style of photography is right for you?

October 5, 2019

The purpose of reportage photography is to catch the moment, to show the real emotions and feelings of all the heroes of the shooting. Features of the report: random and very emotional shots, a lot of black and white shots, unexpected angles, playing with light and hard shadows. It is important to understand that frames can be very non-standard - for example, strange expressions on faces, photos in motion, very close-ups, etc.


1. You are not shy to show emotions, kiss, hug, laugh in front of the camera.
2. You do not like to pose, it seems to you boring and unnatural.
3. You do not make a special emphasis on the decor; more important for you are “live” photos.


Something in between classics and reportage. From the classics, this style borrowed attention to details, from reportage photography - more immediate and “live” frames. The result is a peculiar effect of “peeping”: no photos where models are looking directly into the camera, and group staged portraits, but you should not expect such brightness and contrast of pictures as in the report.


1. Your photo session will be held in a relaxed and light atmosphere with an emphasis on live communication.
2. Do you think that the coolest photos are always random.
3. You want to spend a cozy morning together.
4. You do not like to pose and you want the photographer to be as inconspicuous as possible.


Street style
The new style of the photo, combining the immediacy of the "live style" and a special treatment - in darker colors, with high contrast. This is a lively and modern style for couples who do not want to pose in the literal sense of the word. This is necessarily an urban history, so other people can get into the frame, architecture, taxi. But thanks to this, the rhythm of the city is felt.


1. The “chic” style is close to you.
2. Your element is not nature, but a megacity.
3. You want to save the iconic places for your couple: favorite cafes, streets, places.
4. You want to feel natural in the process of shooting - not to pose, but simply walk around your beloved city and enjoy communication with your beloved person.





















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