What style of photography is right for you?

July 30, 2019

There are several directions in photography that differ in the nature of shooting, the prevailing color palette and image processing. So, before you start looking for a photographer, find out which style of photo is right for you!


Digital or film?
The first question to decide before choosing a photographer is whether you want photos on film or on a digital camera? They differ in terms of color, style and value, each type of shooting has its pros and cons.


1. A more popular option than a film, most photographers works exactly with digital cameras.
2. You can immediately see the result and, if necessary, retake a certain point if the photo failed.
3. Gives the best result in low light conditions.
4. Cost: As a rule, shooting on film is more expensive, but the price depends a lot on the photographer.
The main advantage of film photography consists in a more natural color reproduction; Many people love the film for its unique light, airiness. Therefore, such a shooting is ideal for fine art and classic style, for a photo session in sunny weather, if you want to get the most natural and gentle pictures.


Fine art
Fine art is not just a photograph; it is real art, which combines the tenderness of the moment and a beautiful production. The photographer who shoots in this style is a bit of an artist. And on the one hand, this means that each frame will be like a small work of art, thought out from the point of view of composition, color palette and mood, and on the other, the style of a professional will be “read” on the photo more than the unique style of your couple.


1. You are calm, not very emotional, not used to express your emotions brightly.
2. You are fans of art, and your favorite area is impressionism.
3. Beautiful setting and ease of film frames are important for you.
4. You do not pursue the original concept and, looking at other photos in this style, you understand that you want just such photos - the same angles, poses, colors.





















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