Preparing the skin for a photoshoot

If there are redness or pigment spots on the skin, then it is necessary to correct them with colored fatty correctors (application + slight feathering).

Redness, protruding capillaries, inflamed acne - green corrector.

Yellow pigment spots, or just excessive yellowness on the face - we correct it with a purple corrector.

- We treat the area around the eyes with a beige corrector, or light cream with powder, so that the shadows do not roll and lay well, conveying all the brightness of the color.

- The area under the eyes should be very carefully powder with colorless powder, the layer of powder should be very airy, because In this zone, having gone too far with the powder, we risk drawing extra wrinkles to ourselves.

- For photo shoots, I do not recommend using tonal bases containing glitter and light reflection. Only owners of perfect skin can afford them. If you have any irregularities or roughness, then it is better to choose a matte tonal framework. With their help, the skin will look velvety and perfect.

- Another very important factor in the “condition of your skin in the photo” is the light delivered by the photographer, or rather the angle of his statement. I will not delve into all the subtleties, just write a few rules that are worth adhering to when choosing lighting for a photo session. If you have bad skin (obvious acne, deep bumps) - it is better to choose frontal lighting, i.e. the lighter is almost opposite you. Photos with deep shadows, i.e. the source of light is on the side; they will not suit you, as the shadows always aggravate the situation with the skin. If you are lucky and you have become the owner of “bags” under your eyes, then the best way to hide them is not some kind of cosmetic, but the correct posing in front of the camera. Your look should be a bit down, then the fold that the “bag” forms will be completely illuminated, thereby saving you from the problem.

- Great attention should be paid to correcting the shape of the face, and not because you are not an ideal glossy model, but because of the bright light sources used at photo shoots - your face without added relief will look like a "light pancake"

- Correction can be made dark matte powder, after you have applied the tone and powdered skin with transparent powder. Correction zones - zygomatic dimple, temples, hairline, chin and smooth transition to the neck, nose, i.e. its side parts. I have listed only the main corrected zones.

- A couple of options for matte dark powder, which is well suited for facial correction before a photo session.

- Use blush. I recommend applying blush not only on the cheekbones, but also on the forehead, on the area under the eyebrows, on the earlobes, on the chin, in order to revitalize the face as much as possible.

- No need to use too much blush, so that the cheeks resemble halves of apples.

- If you did makeup in cold tones, use cold shades of blush - pale pink, fuchsia, cold red, cold brown, etc .; If the make-up in warm colors - then use warm shades - peach, coral, warm brown, etc.

- Do not apply blush too close to the eyes.

- If the corners of your lips are looking down, then you can correct it by applying blush horizontally, up to the nose. This will divert attention from the bottom of your face.

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