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Make your wedding photoshoot more personalized. Let it be not just a shooting in a beautiful interior or a flowering garden, but in a place that is really important to you. Perhaps this is the park where the first date was, the restaurant where you celebrated your first anniversary, or the place where the marriage proposal was made.

If you have shared hobbies or some kind of joint chip, use this in the shooting. Maybe you both ride skateboards or play guitar. After all, you see, it's great after years, looking at your wedding photos, to see the whole story about you so young and in love!


Often brides admire photographs taken at sunset or dawn, with soft light and warm sunshine, and when planning a wedding day, they leave the time from 12:00 to 15:00 for a photoshoot. And what then their disappointment is, when the photos come out not in the way they imagined!

But this is all precisely because the sunny summer day is the most unfavorable time for a photo session outdoors, and we are forced to hide in the shadows, in cafes, in museums away from the scorching sun, as the effect of "magic" when the sun is lost in the hair and beautifully highlights the silhouette, in daylight almost impossible. Therefore, the newlyweds often deprive themselves of beautiful pictures because of the wrong planning of the wedding day.

I always suggest that couples divide the wedding day into several stages, and hold a wedding love-story on another day: no fuss, no rush, no worries, when you can just relax and have fun, when you can go out of town in search of fresh, interesting locations, when you can take pictures in the summer at the sea and not to worry that your photos will be spoiled by hard shadows. Or set aside some time for a wedding photoshoot at sunset. After all, it is from the photographs that you will remember your day again and again!


Surely you all know that photography literally means “light painting.” That is, the most important component of any picture is the light! But the light is different, and it is constantly changing throughout the day. In the photo there is the concept of the “golden hour” - this time immediately after dawn or before sunset. The sunshine is soft and enveloping during these hours. It is at this time such delicate pictures are obtained.

Of course, in a real wedding with timing, suggesting a walk in the hot afternoon, it is difficult to make adjustments and arrange a walk at this time. However, you can always take a short break at the banquet and run away for 15 minutes to catch the rays of the sunset sun and get such beautiful pictures!


My advice to you, worrying soul of the bride on the eve of the wedding celebration! And my advice concerns timing, or rather, time for your photoshoot with the groom. The feet rubbed by shoes, the sprawled locks and the tortured faces of the pair are the first signs of a three-hour walk. Therefore, it is immediately better to abandon the insane idea of ​​arranging a long photo session - this will be one of the surest decisions, not kidding.

Even 2.5 hours can turn into a little torture for all due to the weather, not the most comfortable outfits, the uniformity of what is happening (another photo on the background of a beautiful tree, house, fence, columns). To create a good variety of shooting a couple, the team (photos and videos) need a maximum of 1.5 hours in the location. During this time, you can manage to realize all the planned frames, with a minimum of fatigue, monotony, external changes in the bride's hair and degree of purity of the wedding dress.

Do not forget that a wedding is first and foremost your holiday, where you need to relax, communicate with loved ones, stay in a great mood and be tired only at the end of the evening, and not before the banquet. Wedding photography is what makes you return to your special day, and all pictures and videos should reflect how good you were. And from memories “oh, here on this frame I already had a bunch on my side, at the end of the third hour we reached the birch, the pedometer showed 3 km”, I suspect there will not be many smiles.

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