Male portrait

Male posing is one of the most difficult components in portrait photography. After all, the subject must look manly and preferably at ease in front of the camera.

Good posture is especially important for any male portrait. Remember: the shoulders back, the chest is directed forward and up, and tummies in as much as possible - this is the classic component of male portrait photography.

What is good in male portrait photography, it is the fact that the model can be shot in front. This arrangement will add masculinity to the image due to the visually extended shoulders.

One of the good methods to get an expressive look straight into the camera lens is to look first at some point and then at the lens.

Clench the teeth. This technique helps to get a beautiful, strong and clear jaw line. However, it is not necessary to squeeze the jaw too hard, just clench your teeth lightly, otherwise anger appears on your face.

Like many girls and women, men often do not know where to put their hands during shooting. In a man's portrait photo, hands that are simply lowered along the body will look good. You can put your hands in your pockets. A pose with hands on hips usually looks very feminine. Pay attention to this.

For informal shots, the option, when the model rolls up sleeves or throws a jacket over the shoulder, always works well .

Men tend to get much less pleasure from the process of posing than women. Often they more easily agree on group photos, rather than on individual portraits.

Use a prop Look around and find the support. It is often easier for people to relax if they can lean on something with their back, foot, or arms.

Pay attention to your expression Sometimes good men's portraits do not depend on the posture or the position of the hands. One of the key meanings of male portrait photography, indeed, of any portrait, is in the expression of the face.

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