Lips and eyebrows make up for photoshoot

Lips - You can correct the lips with the help of a beige corrector, or a tonal framework and a pencil for lips. - Red and dark lipstick requires an impeccable contour, but only in lipstick color. No "lips in a frame" !!! - I do not recommend to use too light or glossy lipstick, because in the photo they can "get lost." - If you use gloss, it is better if it is transparent without any inclusions of sparkles and mother of pearl. Such gloss will not for sure play a cruel joke with you, as changed lipstick color or an obscure gleam on the lips. - When using a transparent gloss, it is better to use a pencil to match the color of the lips. Gently circle and shade the lips, adding a little shine to the center, this will add extra volume to the lips.

Eyebrows - The expression of your face and image in general depends on the shape of the eyebrows. Any makeup will be reduced to "no", if the shape or color of the eyebrows are not in harmony with the presented image. Eyebrows must be emphasized in pencil or shadows. Pre-combing them with a special brush and fixing the gel “on a wave”. Such eyebrows will visually spawn you.

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