How to prepare for a photoshoot? Tips for parents of babies up to 7 years

Perhaps the most important feature of children's photography is that these little creatures almost never sit still. To say that children are restless and nimble creatures is almost nothing to say. It is important to remember that the most interesting pictures are obtained when the children, doing their own thing, do not even suspect that they are being shot. In other words, the “surprise effect” is very important in this kind of shooting.

How to prepare for a photo shoot? Tips for parents of babies up to 7 years:

1. Communicate in advance with the photographer. Tell him about the hobbies and features of your child, his mode, to plan the time of shooting. The best time for a photo shoot is when the baby has slept and ate. Remember, little kids get tired very quickly. 2. For a child, this is a new event outside the comfort zone, so first of all you need to help him tune in to taking photos. To do this, talk to him in advance about this day (think together of what you will wear, what toys you will take, etc.) 3. If the photo session is planned outdoors (and not at home), then bring along food for the child, toys, a rug, games that can be played in nature. We highly recommend taking something for a snack to take with you. Small breaks will make it easier for you to send the little ones in the right direction :) 4. Take the most favorite toy of the kid with you to the shooting, so the child will feel safe and more relaxed. 5. It would be nice to emotionally impress a child with something before shooting: a fairy tale, a fun walk, a cartoon, a trip to the zoo, and ask about this at a photo shoot. You will get a unique result, emotinal and expressive. 6. For shooting you need to prepare several sets of clothes. It will be great if you make sets in different colors and styles. As a result, the shooting will be varied and bright. A spare set of clothes can also be useful if the child soils clothes during a photo shoot. 7. In order to try to make the family photo session more successful, before the shooting day, make the children and dad... sleep. 8. Think carefully about clothes for the whole family. Pick clothes in the same color range, calm, soft tones, avoid colorful ornaments. This does not mean that all things should be green, red, etc. - just respect tonality. Also, make sure that the styles of your clothes and the clothes of the child match! 9. It is also important not to forget about yourself. Before shooting, think about makeup and hairstyle. Mom and Dad should be the most beautiful! 10. Nothing decorates a children's photo session like a baby's smile! You should not force the child to pose - make him laugh, because no one knows his favorite fairy tales, songs and cartoons better than you. You need to know exactly which of your actions will quickly capture the attention of the child or make him smile. Everything that has an impact on him (nipple, toy, music, ipad, dancing, tickling, promises of ice cream or sweet, etc.) should be ready to use.

And don't be discouraged if your baby doesn’t do what you want from him during the shooting. The best photos come out when adults “follow” a child, and not vice versa :) We want to reflect the life of your family in the photographs, and life is a multifaceted thing. And one more important moment - the child feels your mood, and your excitement will immediately impact on him, so it’s better to immediately tune into a positively productive manner.

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