Psychological features of male portrait

April 24, 2019

   Theoretically, it would seem that a man should be photographed in the same way as a woman. But practically everything turns out to be much more complicated. If in most cases girls behave relaxedly and open up in front of a photographer from the first minutes of a photo shoot, then men, if they are not professional models,  are constrained during most time of the shooting.


   It so happens, that in the photo album of the average woman we can see more than a thousand photographs: amateur and professional, made in various genres and styles, while the man has only a hundred or two, which include kindergarten, school, college , wedding and photo for the documents. And the matter is not at all that men do not like to be photographed; this is absolutely not the case! Often, they simply do not see the point in doing this “girlish nonsense”, or to put it simply - they are simply embarrassed to contact a professional photographer. But, nevertheless, many men want to look beautiful, manly and brutal in photos.


   A man never admits that he is shy in front of the camera! He will be silently focused and portray the seriousness itself, or vice versa, he will chat without ceasing, playing the role of a cheeky guy. Therefore, the main task of the photographer at the very beginning of the shooting is the complete psychological and physical emancipation of the model, the output of the person to natural emotions.

   One of the key features that distinguish a male photo shoot from a female one is that girls will look for the ideas for each photo for a very long time, run up to the mirror ten times to fix their hair and practice the pose for shooting, while the majority of men act on and without training.


   A man is waiting for a detailed explanation from the photographer of the entire shooting process, for which he shoud stand in one position or another, when it is better to smile, and when - to maintain seriousness; what are you using this or that lens or softbox for?


   If women love some mystery and intrigue in everything, then men prefer openness, clarity and brevity.









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