4 myths about wedding photography

Myth number 1. Wedding photography is unreasonably expensive. It's amazing why a photographer should receive such sums for an 8-hour working day? After all, in fact, he is doing the same thing as your friends do with smartphones, isn’t he? No, no and one more time no!

It is important to understand that the result of the work of the photographer is not just a beautiful picture, but invaluable memories. It is he who is responsible for how you will remember this day, how your children will see it later. A good wedding photographer does not just press the shutter button at the right moment, he tells the story with his pictures. And the ability to convey all the emotions, beauty and mood of this day is worth a lot.

In addition, the work of the wedding photographer is not only in the shooting itself; after the wedding, long hours of selection and processing of the footage are waiting for him, plus preparatory work: he needs to study the shooting location in advance, think over its script. Do not forget that the price includes the cost of professional equipment, which must be regularly updated to improve the quality of work.

You pay for the unique professional knowledge and experience that has been gained over the years. For confidence in your holiday, for peace of mind, for the realization of your dreams and the most beautiful memories. A good specialist will never be cheap.

Of course, you can take a chance and invite a beginner to the wedding - and get an excellent result for little money. But it is important to realize that this is still a risk. A beginner does not know all the pitfalls, does not understand the specifics of work at a wedding, where it is very important to be always alert and catch moments that will never happen again.

Wedding photos can not be remade. So you should not risk the quality of photos, just to save a little. Yes, wedding photography is not cheap. But it fully justifies all the money spent.

Myth number 2. The choice of a photographer is not urgent. It is much more important to find first a platform / determine the style / buy a dress It is difficult to say what in wedding preparation the most important and urgent. Much depends on the timing of preparation, and on your priorities. But the fact remains, that good wedding photographers plan their employment for the months ahead. Finding a free pros for a summer wedding on Saturday, two weeks before the celebration, is something of a fantasy.

It's never too early to write a photographer. Some couples who are sure of their choice, book dates almost a year in advance! If you are not one of those brides who know who will shoot their wedding, even before they receive the offer, do not postpone the search for a specialist on the back burner.

And even if your wedding does not take place in high season or on a weekday, do not neglect our advice. After all, you have to watch a few dozen or even a hundred portfolios, and then hold more than one meeting with the experts you like to make the final choice. It is hardly worth making such an important decision in a hurry.

Myth number 3. Wedding photographer will shoot everything as you say There is a big difference between “This is a cool frame / pose / angle, I want to repeat it in our wedding photo shoot” and “We have compiled a list of mandatory frames of three hundred points”. In addition, the beautiful wedding photo is also creativity. And for a couple, and for the photographer. So the best way to get great photos from the wedding is not to tie the hands of a professional, but let him create.

And still the wedding photo is a certain style. Surely, looking through the websites or social networks of wedding professionals, you have already noticed the difference in processing, in the color palette, in the nature of the shooting. Someone shoots more dynamic, lively shots, and someone has a beautiful and gentle setting. Someone prefers light images and a minimum of processing - and someone imposes dark filters, likes hard shadows ...

You can't just come to one photographer, show him another's portfolio and ask him to do the same. Like any creative person, the photographer has his own style and his own vision. Respect the taste and choice of a professional, and if you understand that this is not yours, continue to search for who you will be on the same wavelength.

Myth number 4. The main thing in the wedding photography - love-story Often, wanting to save money, couples order a photographer not for the whole day, but for a few hours, in order to charge only brides morning and a love-story walk. And almost always regret their decision. After all, a wedding is not only your beautiful portraits, it is also your emotions, laughter, tears of joy ... These are fiery dances, creative performances of friends, sincere greetings, warm hugs.

Yes, in magazines and portfolios of photographers more emphasis goes to the morning of the bride, love-story, ceremony, but you need some photos from the wedding not for future publications, but for yourself. To look at them, to remember the happiest moments of this day, to dive again and again into its atmosphere and be filled with its energy.

And the most "emotionally charged" will be the photos of the second half of the day, in which there is much less staging and much more sincerity, life! So, our advice is to order a whole day's shooting, even if for the sake of it you have to cut costs in trifles a little. Believe us, it's worth it!

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