What is better to wear to a love-story photoshoot?

1. Clothing for photo shoot should be selected by seasonality. The keyword "seasonally" and don`t confuse with the season. Although, I have nothing against clothes for season, and even, on the contrary, I’m all for it. You should feel yourself comfortable. For if, in the month of November, you decide to show off in a chintz dress, then such a shooting would not last for long. Seasonality means that if one participant in a photo shoot is wearing a chiffon sundress, then the other should match, and can’t be in long pants and a woolen sweater.

2. Clothing must be in harmony with the intended purpose: sports, evening, business, etc. You must be dressed in the same style. A girl in a cocktail dress with high heels and a man in a shirt in cheerful flowers, worn jeans and sneakers will look ridiculous. Do not forget that you should also choose the style depending on where the photo session will be held. It is foolish to appear in sportswear in baroque interiors. And a cocktail dress and a tuxedo on a green lawn will look at least strange.

3. Clothing should be selected by the texture of the fabric. If he is in a pullover, then she is in a knitted dress. In this case, a combination of different textures in the same outfit is not forbidden at all, as long as it is done with taste. In the future, I will dwell on this topic in more detail.

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