Portrait shooting. Part 3. Social portrait

The content of the portrait has two components: social and psychological. The social part of the portrait shows us the social status of the person, and the psychological part - his character. Let's sort them separately.

Social portrait genres • Financial portrait Shows the wealth of a person. The main accents in this genre are items clearly defined by value. If you want to show the "classic student", put in the frame "Doshirak".

Please note that there is no need for a deliberate demonstration of such elements. The photo is static, and all the elements that the photographer introduces into the frame will be read by the viewer and correlated with the person in portrait.

• Professional portrait Demonstrates the profession (hobby, activity) of a person. Unfortunately, this genre today is more common in reportage photography than in staged. But in vain, because, thanks to the profession of a person, photographer is able to introduce stereotypes into a frame and reveal with their help the life of the portrayed person. For example, seeing a locksmith, carpenter, dentist and other professions in the frame, we approximately imagine what the person lives with, what interests he has, how much he earns, and even if he drinks or not. It is beneficial to use stereotypes in photography, because, thanks to small elements that are not difficult to introduce into the image (both in terms of semantic and compositional), photographer saturates the portrait with the elements of life.

The main focus in this genre is the space of work and tools of work. For example, if you want to create a portrait of a hunter, put a weapon and stuffed animals into the frame.

• Reportage portrait Demonstrates social events. A good reportage answers the questions: what, where, when, who. This is a rather complex portrait genre, because it is the only one in which the photographer usually doesn’t interact with the subject and cannot fully control all aspects of the creation of the image.

The main focus is on events involving people.

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