9 tips for your perfect love story

December 27, 2018

1. The most gentle shots are obtained if you look at each other, and not at the photographer.
2. Talk to each other. Look into each other's eyes. Try to concentrate on each other, and not on the process of shooting.
3. When the photographer asks you to walk, try to look less under the feet and more - at each other.
4. Photos taken a moment before the kiss, look very aesthetically pleasing and tender. Therefore, do not rush to kiss - give the photographer the opportunity to capture the "chemistry" between you.
5. If there is empty space between you and your boyfriend, the photographs may give the impression that there is no intimacy between you. Therefore, approach each other as close as possible, even if it seems not to be completely natural. Do not be afraid to cuddle up to each other!
6. Prepare props to slightly diversify the photos and solve the eternal problem “what shoud I do with my hands?”. For example, you can take a photo album for a walk and together review your photos. This problem can be solved also with a bouquet, accessories. A glass of champagne in the hands is also considered!
7. Be spontaneous. If you want to dance, hug, laugh - do not hide your emotions!
8. Turn on your favorite music. It will help you relax. And do not hesitate to dance - so you will get really natural photos.
9. Use props and think about a photoshoot idea. For example, you can make not just a walk in the park, but a picnic - so you and your boyfriend will focus less on the process of shooting.





















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